Sambhar Recipe For Idali _Masala Sambhar

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Time for soaking rice 12 hours   

          Time for soaking rice flour 1 night

     time     prep  cook  total 

     min               30      30       60 

         serve   for    10 


         Rice  1 kg 

         Urad dal 1/4 kg 

         Fenigreek seeds  2 tabs 

         sugar       1/2 teaspoon 

      Baking soda   1 tabs  


           Toor dal *   2 bowls 

Onion * 1 big size [chopped] 

          Tomato  *    2 chopped [middle size] 

          Garlic      *     7 TO 8  flakes 

         cumin   powder    1 tab         Ram Bandhu Sambhar masala      2 tabs 

           chilly powder     *  1 tabs 

             salt                   * as your convenience 

           mustard  seeds   *   2 tabs 

              oil                      *  1/2 bowl 

Hing                     *   2 teas  , Mr. Idli

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  •      PROCEDURE  FOR IDALI   * Take one kg clean rice & 1/4 kg Urad dal  , wash it with clear water & keep for soaking in a  sufficient water. 
  •      Now grind it in the mixture as like paste. Add Fenugreek seeds, some granules of sugar in it .
  •     In the morning when you are making idali add baking soda, salt & stir it. Fermentation of solution takes place automatically & it becomes light to make idali . 
  •     PROCEDURE FOR SAMBHAR * Take the given amount of Toor dal , keep it to cook in a small cooker with enough water. Wait to get 3 to 4 whistles While cooking dal add turmeric & 1 tabs of oil in it so that evaporation didn’t come outside & Dal can cook smoothly..
  •  Take down the dal crush it with spoon Nicely, make it as like paste, now add hot water in it     
  • Meanwhile, you can make the preparation of sambhar. Cut the onion, tomatoes, make the paste of garlic, keep all ingredients ready to make it. 
  •    Now keep the 2 & half lit water to boil. See the dal is cooked or not. 
  •     Keep the big pot having the thick bottom of the gas. Add oil to it , wait to heat it now add cumin’s, mustard seeds, curry leaves, one by one. Add onion fry it for small-time add tomatoes fry it well, add cumin powder, sambhar masala, chilly powder, salt, hing paste of garlic.IMG_20171020_100613 Fry it well till khamang smell spread everywhere. 
  •   at last after frying all ingredients well add dal with hot water, stir it well.unnamed (3)
  •                                                 Well  prepared Sambhar
  • Keep it to heat, not for boiling. Don’t boil Sambhar more time it reduces the taste & smell of  Sambhar.   Currylicious Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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