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Breakfast Recipes -Dahi Poha

This is an instant & easy item which gives healthy calories.


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Instant Dahi Poha

How to make Dahi Poha easily.    

We know that we have a traditional method to make a Poha for any function. Generally, when there is an engagement program we are making it. Or if any guest came suddenly at our home and he has to go immediately then also we are making traditional poha.

But today the poha which I am going to make is not known to so many people It is totally different from all Pohas and it has more nutrient value .It can make easily.Has lots of benefits to eat it.

author’s name :Pranita deshpande

CUISINE  :Indian 

food type : breakfast

method  : easy 

keyword :  Breakfast recipes, DahiPoha, 


1] Poha 1/2 kg

2] Dahi 1/2 kg

 3]    groundnut 20 gm

4]Cumin seeds 1 tbsp

5] Mustard Seeds 1 tbsp

6]  big spoon Oil 2

7] Green chilly 6

8] Asafoetida –   1/2 small teaspoon

9] Coriander 40 gm

10 ] sugar/ As you wish for taste.

11] Salt/ as you wish for taste.

Procedure: : Take 1/2 kg Poha wash it,

: Wash it instantly in a sieve

: Add 1/2 kg thick Dahi.

: Add Sugar, Salt *

: keep the small pan on the gas.

: Pour oil into it after heating adds cumin, mustard:  seeds, groundnut pieces, chilly pieces and  asafoetida  IMG_20180225_094942

:for taste. Stir all mixer completely and now serve it:dish.

Spread coriander on it.

dahi poha

This POHA  are very tasty, as well as we can make instantly and easily. It has more nutrient value and calories. It is good for everyone.


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