Masala Curry Of Capsicum-Curry Recipes

Make this curry with this method and see the miracle of taste.

Capsicum Curry Recipe-Vegetarian   

Since childhood, my younger son’s favorite subji is capsicum. When I will Send him to bring another subji he will definitely bring this subji . If he is with me in the market then also I have to buy compulsory this subji . I  think here a lot of people like this subji. But the method of making it is different everywhere. So many are making liquid curry. So many are making full of saran. So many are using it as a salad. But in Maggi, it gives the nice taste. We are using it in the pasta, home noodles etc.

Let us make here

time for it

prep cook total

5 min  10 min   15 min

Ingredients for it

Capsicum : 1/2 kg

oil :  2 tbsp

cumin seeds   1 tbsp

mustard seeds : 1 tbsp

onion   1 big size [chopped ]

coriander  2 tbsp [choped ]

skutt 1/2  small bowl

home made metkut :   2 tbsp

garlic  :  4 to 5 flakes

ginger 1/2 inch

garam masala 1 tbsp

chilly powder: 1 tbsp

salt :  1 tbsp

turmeric powder :  1 teas

Hing  : 1 pinch

author name : chhaya kulkarni

cuisine: Indian

food type : curry

serve  for 3

PROCEDURE  FOR IT :   Wash  the capsicum with clean water and keep aside

: Chop it well to make a good curry.

: Take the big size onion chop it and keep aside

: chop the coriander and  keep aside

: Make the paste of garlic, ginger,  coriander and keep in a                                                            small bowl.

: Keep remaining all ingredients ready

: Keep the an on the gas, pour oil in it.

: Add the paste of ginger, garlic and coriander, fry it well.

: Add cumin, mustard seeds and wait to splutter it.

: Now add chopped onion and saute it well.

: Add pieces of capsicum and fry it well.

: Spread 1 cup of water to cook it well

:  Keep the lid on it to get the steam.

: Now add remaining all ingredients chilly powder, turmeric                                                 powder, salt, Skutt, Metkut,  etc

: stir it well and again keep the lid on it for a while.

:  Put off the gas.

: Serve it with smooth chapatti.

CHOPPED ONION IMG_20180226_072153 (1)





METHOD TO MAKE IT: Cut the onion and capsicum and keep aside

: Keep all the ingredients ready.

: Saute onion up to pink color appears

: Add capsicum subji and saute it well

: Add all ingredients and keep to cook

: Serve it with chapati.

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