Health Benefits Of Ginger- Food Catalyst- COVID -20 Treatment

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COVID -20 Treatment .

Ginger is my favorite medicine, without ginger, I never drink tea. I am using it in so many subji’s as well as for some sweet food also. It gives relief to the body and removes pain. Nowadays so many farmers are cultivating this medicine on their farms. 

  It contains phenolic and this phenolic removes acidic burns so we get relief from acidity. Also, it is using pain removing and temperature reducing agent.

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   It is getting in 2 types 1 is Ginger and 2nd one is zingeron. Zinger has less smell and sweet odor 

  It is the digestive and increasing appetite.

If you are having a feeling of vomiting then you can take a juice of ginger with sugar and salt. If you have a cold then you can take it with basil leaves. 

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 If you have joint pain then you must have to take the juice of ginger in small quantity. A diabetic patient whose eyes operation has been done then they can also take it.    

 If you want to reduce cholesterol or to reduce blood clotting then you must have to take it. It can control BP, sugar, acidity, etc.

 If you have stones in the gallbladder then you don’t eat ginger. Ginger contains magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc in small quantities.

 It contains vitamin C, Vitamin B 3, vitamin B 6 and in small proportion carbohydrates. It removes gaseous from our stomach. It increases the motion of the intestine and removes the pain of the abdomen. 

 It is famous for a cough and cold as well as if you are suffered from dysentery then you can keep paste of it on our ‘’Navel’’

Make a juice of ginger, lemon, honey and keep in a Container to use regularly. Its regular use removes a cough, cold and so many problems of a throat. 

It activates saliva and producing saliva in the mouth. It reduces stomach pain and blows CHUNKS feelings. 

Juice of ginger and basil leaves is the very best medicine for temperature, cough, headache, etc. 

It can kill the infected germs in the mouth, esophagus and stomach quickly so it is very important medicine for COVID -20 [Treatment]

Make medicine of ginger in this way 

 1] Take black basil leaves, ginger powder, Licorice, tea leaves,. keep water to boil reduce it half add jaggery to it and give this 

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