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Indian Tomato Chutney – Chutney Recipe

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 Indian[Maharashtra] tomato chutney recipe in Hindi

time for chutney 

 prep  cook total

10      5       15 min

author’s name: Pranita deshpande 

Cuisine    : Indian 

food type : cooked chutney 

KEYWORD : Indian Tomato Chutney Recipe- Chutney Recipe 


Tomato  2

onion  2 middle size

curry leaves  4 to 5

garam masala  1 tbsp

chilly powder 1/2 tbsp

       salt   as your convenience

sugar * 1/2 tbsp

oil   2 tbsp

mustard seeds  1 tbsp

      cumin   1 tbsp

Skutt   1/2 small bowl

tomato chutney




tomato chutney

PROCEDURE  FOR CHUTNEY *  Cut the onion , tomato into small pieces keep aside.

Now collect all ingredients like oil, cumin’s, mustard seeds, chilly powder, garam masala etc.

tomato chutney with garam masala

Keep the pan on the gas pour oil on it,

wait to heat it now add cumin’s mustard seeds,

wait to splutter it well, add curry leaves fry it,

add onion saute it for short time then add pieces of tomato saute it well.

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Add all ingredients one by one lastly add Skutt.

Skutt must be sticky so that automatically oil should come from it.Stir it well .

Your chutney is ready to eat now.

Time for Biryani 

prep cook  total 

10       10      20 min


      Mahendra rice 1 bowl 

Tomato  2 big size

onion   1

curry leaves   4 to 5

salt   1 tbsp

chilly powder    1 tbsp

turmeric powder  1 teas spoon

peanut seeds    10 to 15

peanut     2 tbsp

oil   2 tbsp

cumin powder  1 tbsp

water  2 bowls

PROCEDURE  FOR IT    *    Soak the rice for 2 hours, drain it’s water and keep aside.  Chop the onion , tomato into a big size piece.

Take all ingredients ready for you.


Keep the pan on the gas, pour oil wait to heat it,

add cumin seed , mustard seeds wait to splutter it.

Now add curry leaves fry it well, add chopped onion ,saute it, add chopped tomatoes saute it well until juice of it will mix with all ingredients.

Now add groundnut, peanut etc and fry it for a while.Now add rice and stir it well  now put off the gas.

Keep small cooker on the gas add  2 bowls water in it wait to boil it. Add 1 teaspoon oil in it and now add all the material which is in the pan in the cooker. again stir it for 1 time and keep the lid of the cooker tightly.Keep the flame of the gas low.  After  10 minutes your tasty Biryani is ready.

tomato Biryani

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