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International Coffee Day – My Favorite-Nescafe

Just try it to remove your tirdeness

We know coffee is the today’s famous simple drink.A lot of people drinks coffee as a favourite drink. It is really very good for health.It gives feeling fresh after huge tiredness. If any man didn’t want to do any work he must have to drink coffee. It motivates us to make work faster. As well as this coffee didn’t have any side effects. We must have to drink it in the morning as well as when we feel sleepy or tired. It stimulates to our brain.I am writing these facts after using this product .

It inspires us to run in any activity. I think if any guest came to our home we must have to give him this drink. In any program, travelling by train or bus we must have to drink this coffee.

Another thing about it is making coffee is a very easy method there requires only 5 to 7 minutes. No more ingredients, no any more appliances everything is in an easy way. It works as an appetizer also. We didn’t feel hungry for so much time.

Time for it

prep cook total

5          2      10 min

author’s name: Chhaya Kulkarni

Cuisine: Indian

keyword:International coffee day 

food type: simple drink

serve for   1


Coffee: 1 tab

sugar: 2 tab

Milk: 1 cup

We didn’t use water for a coffee as it loses the taste of coffee.

PROCEDURE FOR IT: Take a required milk in the cup.

: Pour it to the pot

: Take an empty mug near to gas.

: Pour  1 tab coffee into the mug

: Now pour the milk in the pot, keep the pot on the gas.

: Start the gas, add sugar to it & stir it well.

: Boil the milk with sugar for a short time.

: Now pour this milk slowly in the mug where we have inserted                                            coffee.

: Stir it with the spoon .


http://International coffee day- My favorite-Nescafe/
http://International coffee day- My favorite-Nescafe/
http://International coffee day- My favorite-Nescafe/
http://International coffee day- My favorite-Nescafe/

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