Benefits Of Asafoetida – Healthy Remedies

Valuable benefits of this plant & hing for health


Benefits of Asafoetida

Every day we are using a lot of recipe’s ingredient. In that every delicious recipe contains Asafoetida. What is this?  What are the benefits of it.We will see here.

This plant is found in Iran and Afghanistan, it has long sturdy hollow stems and roots giving strong –smelling. It is usually used as an ingredient in medicine and remedies and as a seasoning in the south as Ian cuisine.

Generally, we are using it in all pickles. It gives the nice smell to the food as well as it has a lot of benefits.

1]So many times we are suffering from constipation then mix Asafoetida in a water and take it at night before sleeping.

In the morning you will feel light and your stomach will become clean easily.

3]  It can useful for the  loss of appetite then before eating mix it’s powder with ghee and eat it with butter , ginger.

4] When we are wondering in the garden barefoot  you have bred pin anywhere thorn,  or piece of glass  entered  in your skin.  Keep water of Asafoetida on it. That thing will come out easily.

5]If you have pain in your ears then pour a drop of Asafoetida in an ear slowly. It will remove pain easily.

6] We  have a cavity in our teeth then also it is useful. to remove  denture on the teeth  keep some Asafoetida powder on it. Denture teeth become clean.

7] We say that having  ‘’VASTUDOSHA’’ makes man lazy for that spread this water all over the home.

In a lot of digestive discomfort Mix and roast equal quantities of Asafoetida, carom seeds, black pepper, ginger powder and cumin seeds.

It is found in Dubai souqs –Cinnamon, pepper nutmeg, Asafetida, saffron, pepper, turmeric,

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Asafoetida Hing Plants
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