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How To Make Bitter Guard Subji? – Karela Subji-Without Bitterness

Best way to make karala subji without bitterness.

  Bitter Guard Subji Recipe – Karla Subji 

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This subji is unwanted subji for the lot of people. Small children never eat it . They have a lot of fear to eat this subji due to it’s bitterness. This is real fact. If we will cut the Karla with our hand our finger also become bitter. A lot of stories available for this Karla . Here in our tradition if the lady have younger male child then she didn’t have to eat this Subji as well as she didn’t have to go under this creeper . This is well known creeper it grows automatically anywhere maybe we put its seeds or not .

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In the kitchen so many didn’t know how to make this subji by removing its’ bitterness. We will learn here how to make it by removing it’s bitterness?

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Since in the morning I have devoted my 1 hour for the kitchen. In  that I have made first tea for my kamvali, then I made sprouts Usal for breakfast,  Karla Subji .Along with Roti for my hubby’s tiff in. So this is the time for me to make a lot of things in a short time.


 Time for it

Prep   cook total

15          15      30 min

author’s name :Asha Digge

Cuisine   Indian

keyword   Kerala Subji

serve for    3


Karela   2

tamarind   2 tbsp

jaggary  2 tbsp

Garam masala  1 tbsp

chilly powder  1 tbsp

homemade metkut   2 tbsp

Skutt   2 tbsp

salt   1 tab or as your convenience

oil   1/2 bowl

cumin seeds  1 tbsp

mustard seeds  1 tbsp

Hing  1 pinch       

PROCEDURE  FOR IT  ;  Take the fresh  2 karelas.

: Cut it into  circular size

:  Remove it’s seeds without cutting circle .

: Keep it in the salt water for a while to remove it’s bitterness.

: Meanwhile prepare all ingredients in a thali .

: Take tamarind in the bowl , wash it with hot water to                                                              remove its germs.   Make its solution for a subji.

: Now wash the kerala pieces with clean water without                                                         cutting circular shape .

: Now keep the pan on the gas , pour oil to it, add cumin’s,                                                      mustard seeds and wait to splutter it .

: Pour slowly Karla to it and keep deep  lid instantly. Keep it for a                                                  minute and saute it . Now  add water in the lid to heat and to                                            get the nice steam to the   Karla.

: Pour that hot water into the Karla Subji and add all ingredients .

: Stir it well if you want liquid subji add some hot water again to                                                it. Again keep lid to cook the karlas .

: At last add tamarind solution and jaggary , stir it well , keep it on                                           slow gas .

: After a while put off the gas and serve it with coriander.


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