Eating Disorder- What Maintains food – Food Habits

Just read this post to know the eating disorder.

As the food, as the mind. As the mind, as the man.

To make the energy we require food. Without food, we cannot lead our life. Nowadays there is a lot of information about food on the social media or in the newspaper in the T.V. Radio, etc. We know that to build a body strong. We need a balanced diet and we are learning about a balanced diet from the 5th std. But we are away from ‘EATING DISORDER” and what maintains our food?”



The balanced diet means the diet in which contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, salts, fats etc are in a fixed proportion. If there is a deficiency of any constituent in our food, we are suffering from many diseases. lack of vitamin B causes beriberi, irritations etc. absence of vitamin C causes scurvy in the mouth. an absence of vitamin D causes rickets, an absence of A vitamin causes night blindness etc. If we are not getting the excess amount of salt to our body our body losses control then hypertension, sugar etc. These problems occur in our body. All these about our balanced diet habit.

vrut upma

Now we have to know what effects on mind when we are taking food every day? How should we make food? What is the psychological method to prepared food? How can we eat food? Where we have to eat? What type of food is healthy for my mind and body? Which are good habits’ of the food to make our mind calm, clean and clear?

One Green Planet

. If there is a nice balanced diet in your Thalia and when you are eating, someone comes in your home and he is quarreling with you, can you eat comfortably? Means while eating, to digest food properly we have to keep our mind calm and silent, that food makes blood and mind. Our mind also made from tiny particles of food.

When any man brings their food from corrupted money or from stolen money or with dishonest work, maybe he had cheated too so many poor for his food or maybe he played politics with family members like a brother, sister etc. If that type of food will eat their children and wife their mind become selfish, lazy, dishonest and all above bad habits will enter, who eat that type of food, and his willing power gets reduced. So that in ancient time’s so many Gurus, Rushi’s, didn’t it anywhere, anyone’s hand food.

Our Food Maintains Values &Virtues.

To keep values, morals, virtues, principles in our life we have to eat food. Who earned with honesty, there is no corruption, no cheating etc

 Now we will see which food effects on our mind?. 

There are so many ways to cook the food in them Which are effective we will see. When our mother makes food for us, thinking that my children should eat comfortable and properly and there health and mind should nice. It creates love, happiness, peace in the family. 

    1. The food which is made in hotels, thinking that we have to earn a lot of money maybe it will sufficient for the customer or not, that type of food creates the thought that” life is only for making money.”
    2. When we keep cooking lady in our home she has to earn money for her family thinking that my family can’t get rich food to eat it. So she creates that vibration and these vibrations effects on our food, and when we eat like this food it effects on our mind and we can’t get satisfied with this food.
    3. The food which is made in a temple or in any spiritual organization. Do we compare all food with temple Prasad? which food will we get tastier? Obviously Prasad. As Prasad is made by considering that “this is Bhagwan’s Prasad” taking the name of god every time it becomes tastier. Gods, vibrations are entering in this Prasad. 
    5. Now, what should we do when we are eating food.

      How to Maintain a Balanced Diet  

 Recite Gods name before to eat so that it will create good thoughts about our food Say Govinda.
  1. Keep mind silence, So that we can eat comfortably
  2. Stop irritations or making an argument. which cannot convert our food into poison
  3.  Eat silently and slowly so that it can digest properly and it can make blood and mind.
  4. Don’t eat in front of T.V. As in the T.V. if any picture is running on the screen. i.e. dis argument, quarrel makes bad effects on our food and thoughts.
  5. Don’t wonder while eating food as germs will enter in the food

    Food – 

  6. Don’t eat onion and garlic as when we are cutting onion it produces tears in our eyes and also it produces irritations in our mouth, then thinks how much irritations will produce in our thoughts? That effects on our mind. Our thoughts vibrations changes and it creates negative energy and bad smell.

About non-vegetarian food

Every where there is a discussion for non veg. Non- veg is harm full for our mind and for digestion. As when you cutting living animal that animal create lot of fear in his mind and that vibration effects on that food, if we will eat that type of food we will become violent, cruel, we loose emotions. So that there is a proverb in Marathi. 

Vadani kaval gheta nam ghya shrihari che.” Sahaj havan hote nam gheta pukache, Jivin Kari jivitava anna hay purna Brahma, Udar bhar Na nohe janije yadnya karma . Jai, Jai Raghuveer Samarth.

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