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Step By Step Masala Khichadi Recipe- Vegetarian

Why did everywhere there is discussion on Khichadi food?


Masala khichadi with all nutrients and vitamins -Khichadi recipe.

When we were in Bombay I have learnt this recipe. As there were all states people. Means from Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar, UP, Assam, etc. All were living lovingly to each other. We were living at Bandra Borge Home. A big hostel of ”TATA Hospital” There they have given us a huge kitchen we all were making there our food. At that time gas was not there so everyone was bringing stoves with them and in them, a lot of stoves are running and so we can’t talk to each other. Everyone has to get a specific space to make food.

I was also making food there. In them, we have a good family of a patient from Madhyapradesh. That patient name was Ghanshyam. He also suffered from the same disease. He was with his Mama. His age was 21 years. His Mama loves him unconditionally. Thinking that ”our relation is like Ram and Hanuman ” means they consider for the sister’s son as a Hanuman and treats very lovingly. Anyone’s mother also can\’t take care of like him. He had made one wish to Hanuman for him that ‘If his Bhanjya will be cured totally, he will go to take Darshan of Hanuman about 100 KM by walking ”’He makes food for him washing all utensils, feeds him. A patient was very nice and in a healthy condition. If we will see we didn’t feel that he was patient. But then also he was always taking rest as due to chemotherapy he becomes tired and weak.

In today’s period can anyone live like this for his sister’s Son? or can anyone will live with any Bhanjya for 9 Month by leaving his own family? 

The same situation was there my ‘mama went to the tour in that period and his son was for MBBS in CHEM HOSPITAL. He came to visit his own son and maybe thought to see my son . He came to meet my son alone not brought any fruits or any sweet food item . Having a good job of Bank Manager along with his wife HOD of senior college and having a big farm and so many properties. He enters in my son’s room.At that time my son was admitted into the hospital and sat aside.I was happy as my Mama came to see my Son. At that time my husband was not there, he sat for awhile and gave 10 Rs only for my son although I have to spent 2.5 lack Rs for my son.  then also I didn’t mind about his relationship. See the same relation was there one was behaving like this and one was like this.

Now before 3 years at Diwali, he was suffered from Brain attack and admitted in the Hospital, he had brain hammering and something I got this news I rush to the Hospital. His wife, his daughter’s husband were sitting outside. There was no entry to the patient inside in ICU. After small intervals of time, they gave us permission to meet him. I went inside and saw him he was crying, his wife also crying loudly and saying his hand was hot means he has a lot of temperatures. Actually, he didn’t have any temperature and all were thinking that everything was finished. After a successful operation. Both were crying loudly now what can I do? I saw there another patient and told them why did you were crying,? see here so many patients were in the coma. They have a lot of difficulties to do their operation and your operation was very well done. You are talking well and then also crying. Both have lost their confidence with a lot of fear.I have given good counselling for both. Took money 150 Rs from his Son to do ”Abhishek ” in the ”DATTA MANDIR ” temple. First, I told his son ”go to the temple and fill the money for ‘Abhishek ”He has a van with him I didn’t have any vehicle with me. But he refused to go to the temple and he gave me 100 Rs and told take this money and you go to the temple. Then I went to the temple by walking about 1 KM , filled the money of his name for ”Abhishek and came back. Then I have to make food and some Diwali food items in my home. I haven’t eaten any food on that day as I have to go to the temple. So to come home there was 1 o’clock and up to this time I was with an empty stomach.

Now he is in Okay condition. 

I want to explain here one point that when God gives us some unhappiness in our life it is for to learn something.If we are not learning anything from it means we become totally animal or again we have to face this type of situation.

I am writing a post about Masala KHICHADI and telling you another story. So his cousin [MAMA] making Special Khichadi for him. He had told me a lot of times story of his Khichadi at first I thought he may be making something different. Now he was telling me a recipe for it. told one word that is Ajawine. I was new in Bombay I can speak Hindi very well but some hidden food items or new words didn’t know to me and He was explaining to me about Ajawine. He explained me half an hour about that spice food item still we didn’t understand means, my husband, too. Now he tired by explaining told let us we shall go to the market to bring some new food items. So we went into the market. Both took some grocery  and when he took grocery he took Ajawine pocket and I saw oh, this is ”OVA”in Marathi and they were tired by explaining it .  To know this spice item he told us in a lot of ways, explaining its structure, it tastes it’s use everything but we didn’t understand.  At that time we have laughed for half an hour.Jaggary, Ginger Paratha …

Now he started to make Khichadi  in front of me by showing it’s all recipe. So many times he was making it and smell of his Khichadi spreads through all building. I asked about his rice he told we were bringing rice from Shimala from Himachal Pradesh.  Really he was making Khichadi or rice the whole building was taking a smell of it.

So here is his recipe.

Time for it

prep cook total

20       15      35 min

Author’s name : Asha Digge

Cuisine: Indian

food type: Khichadi

Keyword: Step by Step Masala Khichadi Recipe – Vegetarian 

serve for 4


rice: 1 bowl

gram dal 40 gm

moong dal 40 gm

tomato   2 [chopped]

potatoes: 1 well chopped

green chilly 2 to 3

peanut 1/2 bowl

curry leaves 4 to 5

oil 15 ml 

cumin seeds 1 tbsp

mustard seeds 1 tbsp

garam masala 1 tbsp

chilly powder 1/2 tbsp

garlic: 2 to 3 flakes

hing 1 pinch

salt As your convenience

water 1/2 lit hot     

  PROCEDURE FOR IT: Take all ingredients in a thali.

:  Add water to gram dal, moong dal, potato and rice,

: Keep the water to heat in another pot on the gas.

: Keep other ingredients ready in a thali.

: Keep the cooker on the gas pour oil to it, wait to splutter it .

: Add curry leaves, peanut, tomato, potato and fry it well.

: Add hing, cumin powder, garam masala, chilly powder, salt etc and stir it well.

: After a while add gram dal moong dal, rice and stir it well.

: Now add hot water to it and stir it well and keep the lid of                                                            cooker.        

Keep the gas on a lower flame, take 2 to 3 whistles and put off                                             the gas.

: Your well prepared Khichadi is ready to eat. It also gives good                                               smell everywhere.

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