Pumpkin Recipes- Soup With Paratha’s

Make your vrut [Navratri special] complete with it.

Navratri Recipes – Paratha,Soup

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In India every fruit has a  very good importance in festivals of them this pumpkin has more importance. Means some festivals are not complete with it .Maybe Mahalaxmi or Navratri .In Mahalaxmi we are keeping this pumpkin in front of Mahalaxmi. To grows this vegetable fruit require less place down side but it can grows upside larger. When we have built a new home my mother in law has been planted   this tree at that time we have a huge amount of pumpkins at our home .I think 70 pumpkins had been grown at that time . All have a big size.I have taken image of it with me .

This pumpkin has so many types and names, some are round , some of name is Devdangan,  The pumpkin which is bigger and have outer side green along with strips is  ;”KASHIBHOPALA” This  vegetable fruit is considering very important . It has a very good taste . We can eat it by cooking it as it is, means without making anything from it .We can make some type of food  from  it .It maybe halwa, soup, paratha, payasam  etc Do you know in India there is a say that the person who want to go to the KASHI  has not to eat ”KASHIBHOPALA” so many people are not eating it till they reach to ”VARANASHI” When they will take darshan of KASHIVISHAVNATH then only they have permission to eat it. My sister has been kept this Vrut as she wondered South India now she has to go KASHI and after that she will eat that pumpkin.Is it interesting life in INDIA?

Let it be we will discuss here which item i have made from this pumpkin?

Today i have made pumpkin soup, paratha see the recipe for it .


prep cook total

10        20    30 min

Author’s name : Chhaya Kulkarni

Cuisine India

keyword   pumpkin recipes

foodtype   soup and paratha’s

serve for   2

Keyword -Pumpkin recipes -soup,paratha,etc 


pumpkin  250 gm

Jaggary    10 gm

salt   1 tbsp

cumin powder 1 tbsp

peeper powder   1/2 teaspoon

Butter  1 big spoon

PROCEDURE FOR IT  ;  Take the pumpkin , remove its peel , cut it into pieces and                                                              keep  aside.

:  Keep to boil this pieces in the cooker by spreading 1 tbsp ghee                                                  on it.

:  Add 2 cup water to it .

: Keep  it on the slow flame .

:  After getting 2, 3 whistles , keep it downside.

: Now add cumin powder, peeper powder, jaggary ,salt to it.

: Crush it with wire guaze or grind it in the mixture jar .

: Now add 2 glass hot water to it and boil it for a while .

: Now pour butter on it and serve it in the glass.



time for it

Prep cook total

10       20     30 min

Author’s name :Pranita deshpande

Cuisine  Indian

food type     paratha

serve for  4


varai flour  2 bowl

cucumber 1 bowl [grated and cooked]

cumin powder   1 tbsp

cooked pumpkin   250 gm

salt     1 tbsp

chilly powder  1 tbsp

soaked sabudana  1 bowl

oil or ghee    1/2 bowl

PROCEDURE FOR IT :   Take all the ingredients in a thali 

: Grind the soaked Sabudana and keep it in the thali

:  Mix it properly .

: Knead it properly with oil or ghee .

: Make its small dough and roll it slowly .

: Bake it both side properly by applying oil to it.


soaked shabudana
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