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Capsicum Stuffed Subji Recipe -Step By Step

These steps definitely encourage you to eat it

Everyone likes this type of subji.Generally, we  are making so many types of subji with this way.All are giving fantastic taste. I am deciding to make this subji since so many days but in my home no one is eating like this  item . So many methods we are

applying for it . This subji who has invented we didn’t know but giving a very good taste in the salad or subji .If we will roast it as it is then also it gives a good taste. Only smell of it gives encouragement to everyone to eat this subji.I think no one is there to not eat this subji. Everyone wants to eat it. It can give a good taste along with Roti, chapati or bread also.

Let us we shall see how to make it step by step

Time for it

prep cook total

10       10      20 min

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

Cuisine   India

food type   stuffed subji

keyword  stuffed subji, capsicum, recipe

serve   for     2

 Ingredients for it 

capsicum   4 [middle size]

garam masala 1 tbsp

chilly powder  1/2 tbsp

turmeric powder  1 teas

salt  1 tbsp

Skutt  1 bowl

coriander   1 tbsp

hing  1 pinch

mustard seeds  1 tbsp

cumin seeds 1 tbsp

oil    1/2 bowl

PROCEDURE FOR IT :    Take the  capsicum  subji and wash it with clean water. 

: Cut it into half parts and keep aside

: Now take the ingredients ready in the thali .

: Mix all these ingredients by adding some oil to it.

: Fill the capsicum with above material ,  keep aside.

:Meanwhile make 1 or 2 cup water to heat and keep aside

: Keep the pan on the gas, pour oil to it .

: Add cumin seeds, mustard seeds to it and wait to splutter it.

: Now add pinch of hing to it.

: Slowly pour  stuffed capsicum into the pan.

: Now take the sieve or [Zarya] in left hand spread hot water                                                    through it all over the subji .

: Instantly keep the lid on the subji .

: Give steam to it for a while .

: Now put off the gas .


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