How to make easy desserts- Shemai Kheer- Kheer Recipe

Shemai Kheer Recipe – Delicious

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We know that this is common dessert it can make in everyone’s home . Generally we say it is instant dessert . If instant guest came in our home we can make it. Making it, is very easy . But to make Shemai is very hard .To make Shemai we have to find special time for it .

In villages today also so many ladies are making it with groups means today we are making in your home along with 10 to 15 ladies, tomorrow we will make it in another one’s home.They are making with chitchatting, gossiping, singing a song etc .At that time there was no any type of business only exchange of thoughts and making work for family is the aim of work . So it has a very nice taste and it can sufficient for so many days .Today when we have converted every thing in a business so we are feeling everything less as we have made planning of that food for marketing .By making so much food also we feel less and nothing left in the home .

Do you understand what I am saying?


prep cook total

10         10      20 min

Author’s name : Asha Digge

Cuisine   Indian

Course   Desserts

serve for    2

ingredients for it

Shemai   1 bowl

cream  1/2 bowl

cashew nut

milk 1 glass

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PROCEDURE FOR IT : Take the Shemai for baking . Bake it in the pan with ghee.                                                               and keep aside

: Take all ingredients ready in a thali.

: Keep milk to boil on the medium gas

: Now add Shemai to it , Add sugar and another ingredients to it .

: Keep it to cook for 2 minutes.

:Serve it.


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