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Diwali -Food Market – Decoration Is Motivation you know

Importance of street market


Do you know we are not in a rich country but we have full of market. This Diwali market is the great inspiration, motivation surprising thing to the world . We know suppose Diwali has to come  2 month  but we are planning to buy the thing since 6 Month. Means that thing may be flat, any property or real estate, may be gold, silver , mobile, laptop , motor cycle, car or anything. We didn’t need to do any motivational class for it. All motivational classes are running on Indian culture but they have modified , studied on it and added some new things and  shown to us that this is the real motivation of life. But actually Indian festivals and rituals are the real law of attractions . If you will go to the Gold shop we feel tremendous happiness may be we can’t purchase that much things but feeling is rich .If you will go in the Sari shop , they are showing us richest sari’s in front of shop and we lost our mind in that, watching these materials .If you have liked anyone Sari too much then keeping it in the mind  , planning to buy that Sari, working for it  and one day you will simply went to the market to bring the Sari, really this is the self motivation.  DIWALI MARKET

MARKET IS THE BIG MOTIVATION: If you are depressed and not have any interest in life go to the Indian market simply wonder here and there see the shop care fully, see the items which are hanging in front of shops it may be clothes, Sari’s , decorative things, crockery, vegetables, fruits, flowers, hawkers sitting on the road showing us a lot of things these things gives us happiness for a while or reduces our sadness,unhappiness and here our mind automatically gets encouraging and simply want to buy all things we forget all our depression , sadness everything and directly start to work. But today these places are taking to  the Malls  which is closed we can’t see , we can’t see anything openly and didn’t feel happiness till we reach in the mall and the person who didn’t have money never go to the mall and this increases depression.  

FOOD MARKET : Many times I went to wonder in the evening , at that time on the road there are the big vehicles of Vada pav, dry fruits are sitting openly on the road, some fruit sellers, some kitchen appliances seller .

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If we have so many problems in our mind but by looking to these sellers we get inspiration and if we are walking along the road definitely we ask price of that item and  if you have money you definitely purchase at least one thing on the road but maybe we have money or so many balance in our wallet  we can’t go simply in the shop not purchase any thing . Because we are wondering for another purpose may be are going to the hospital or temple or anywhere didn’t buy anything by taking entry in the shop but definitely we can buy bananas on the road.  These are the real rules of market but today we are running away these sellers from the road side .But to get the work to the every youth and to reduce unemployment this must have to run, keep some proper place for them but compulsory have to keep these things on the road .

When I went to my friend’s home I  saw her showcase I was asking them from where you brought it? then they were saying , people are sitting along the road and I saw feel good , so I purchased it. Can you go to the shop to purchase it? Maybe you have big shop and having a lot of things can people know that these things are available in this shop. So I think to run the country nicely and happily open market on the road must be there otherwise everyone will be in depression.

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In villages there are  2 days for market .On that day a lot of people are sitting on the road to sell the products and so many are buying all these things happily.Going purposely on that day thinking that ”Today is market day and we have a lot of things cheap” I heard that here in Latur some where market has been stopped because road must be clean to run the vehicles. Means you are caring for vehicles but the person who is surviving  his life and his family, who has to be ran away .Is this rule is right for Human Rights? If you want market rules strict then make the rules of parking strictly .Keep away your all vehicles from the market place . There is a market and running vehicles with nonsense manner .Today I went in the market and  I saw there is no place to walk on the road to the people as market is full of  shopping things and people are running here and there in them there is a crowd of  vehicles . At this place must have to keep rules for the vehicles. But we are running our vehicles in the cow’s stable also.


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