Uttapa recipes : Gram Dal Uttapa

Most welcome for this recipe , try to make at home new style of uttapa.


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Making dosa at home is an interesting thing for everyone.As this item has a totally different taste. So everyone is eager to eat it. We know that we are making so many types of dosas. Generally vegetable dosa, rice dosa are famous in the dosa recipes. Some experts are making dosas from different Dals . But anyway this is the south Indian food but spread all over and we are feeling that this is also our food.

Yesterday as a  routine I soaked the gram dal at night and think what can i make from it is it Dahi Vada or anything but i think let us try to make Uttapa of it.

So i tried to make Uttapa of it

Time for it

soaking time complete 1 day

prep  cook total

30         30     60 min

author name:  Asha Digge

food type: Uttapa

keyword: Uttaapam recipes- Gram Dal Uttapam, 

cuisine: Indian


Gram dal: 2 bowls

cumin powder: 1 tbsp

soda: 1 teaspoon

Fenugreek seeds:     4 to 8 for soaking well

salt: 1 tbsp

sugar: 4 granules

oil: 1/2 bowl

chilly powder: 1 tbsp

turmeric powder: 1 teas

PROCEDURE FOR IT :   Soak the dal in a water for a night or whole day.

:  Grind it in the mixture as to make a paste.

: Add to it salt, chilly powder, turmeric powder, cumin powder,                                                                Hing, soda, sugar etc.

: Keep the pan on the gas, pour some oil on it.

: Spread oil on it with the spoon.

: Now pour the paste of flour on it and spread it with the spoon.

: Bake it well so that it can turn into red color


or become crunchy.  CHHAYAONLINE.COM



Served with garlic coriander chutney. CHHAYAONLINE.COM

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Gram Uttapa Recipes

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How to make Uttapa?

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