Importance of Kartik Month- Memories

Everyone is carrying memories but some childhood memories related to spirituality are memorable. Get inspirational memories here .

Yesterday we have celebrated ‘’TULSI VIVAH ‘’ I was calling to so many ladies for’’ Haldi Kumkum’’ . We were talking about this festival and at last my 1 friend came late to my home and while talking to her, suddenly I remembered my childhood days of KARTIK Month .Do you know this Month gives us a lot of benefits along with some entertainment and heal us spiritually? But we must have to understand how to realize it? 

When I had been in 4th std, my mother has made VRUT of Kartik Month.

My elder sister ‘’ Sindhu’’ getting ready to make POOJA OF lord Krishana . She keeps square like a short table, keeping LORD VISHNU’S PHOTO and sitting in front of it by taking all apparatus of worshiping.   Enlightening  so many lamps alongside with it. Keeping middle size ‘’KRISHANA ‘’ Idol on the table . I too also sitting near with her. 

Now we have started a devoted song since getting up to the GOD a complete celebration of GOD worshiping. Of them at first we were getting up to GOD by singing 2 songs, then bathing him with 1 song, Keeping Tilak on his forehead with1 song, wearing beautiful clothes to the idol of God with1 song, now drawing Rangoli for him by singing 1 song , for his every acting we sing a song like garlanding him .Giving him Tulsi ,giving milk, butter, bhojan, Pan, Aarti , then Punishment song for us if we have done anything wrong with him . 

Some other ladies also singing another devotee songs. still now some songs I remember. Sometimes I also sing that song today. One day my senior elder sister was sitting to worship God and sang Arati, then suddenly I have learnt one of Ganesha’s new Aarti and want to sing that Aarti on that day. So, I sang it and my sister had been stopped me to sing it. I cried loudly, crawling on the ground , getting angry with my sister. Why did she not allow to sing an Aarti? How much I became unhappy you know till today also automatically tears comes in my eyes. If I was remember that scene .This is my GOD’S love since childhood. 

Then we were collecting all milk, Curd, sugar in a container to make ‘’GOPALKALA ‘’ 

There was no any tap system for water so we must have to bring water from our river, it is almost 1 km away from our home, but still we all friend collect in one place taking POOJA THALI and went to the river .There was silence, blue color river water was flowing from south to west. Now we were making BOATS of paper, keeping JYOT to it and by enlightening it, sending it in the river. We all our friends, making some new designs or ‘’SWASTIK ‘’ from it .Looking very glorious . We never forget that beauty and these days of my life getting tremendous happiness while doing Pooja and sending ‘’Diya’s in the river water. Then we are waiting there to see how much time our ‘Diva ‘’ will burn? Whose ‘’Diya’’will burn more time? She is the lover of God, was our thinking.

Then we are bringing water at home from that river.

Singing a song at the river, looking very beautiful. Feeling calm and satisfied, as we have already filled too much information about God before morning. 

Sometimes we went and to the temple after making Pooja.

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How to become spiritual in Kartik Month?

Be spiritual in Kartik Month

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