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Coriander -Spring Onion Basen Cheela -Tasty,

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How to make coriander -spring onion Basen Cheela?- Tasty

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Basen Cheela is the famous and delicious food of every kid .Sometimes we also like to eat. It gives good taste as well as feel smooth while eating.If we have hurried for the important work at that time we must have to make this Basen Cheela.As we can eat it fast.There is no need to chew more time get easily swallowing and feels satisfy after eating. 

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There is no need of any chutney also for it . We can eat it as it is . It requires less time to make it.Easy to make it.We can make it for breakfast, in lunch or in dinner also. In any celebration as well as it gives good taste and makes it easily . 

Let us see how I made it here in less time? 

If you have time to soak Basen flour, then you can keep it to soak for some time and make it after some time it will make good , light and tasty. 

Author’s name :  Pranita Deshpande 

Cuisine  India 

Food type  Basen Cheela 

KEYWORD : coriander- spring onion Basen Cheela [Tasty ]

serve for  3 

time for it 

prep cook total 

10       20       30 min 


Basen flour 2 bowl 

wheat flour 1 bowl 

sodium bicarbonate 1 teas 

Ajawine  1 tbsp

cumin powder 1 tbsp 

Hing 1 pinch 

turmeric powder 1 teas 

chilly powder 1 tbsp 

coriander  1/2 bowl [well chopped] 

spring onion 1/2 bowl [well chopped] 

oil to bake it  1/2  bowl 

salt   2 tbsp 

sugar 4 to 5 granules 

 PROCEDURE  FOR IT :  Take the basen flour in the pot,add wheat flour to it . 

                                                         : Now add  all ingredients one by one as like soda, salt, granules of sugar, pinch of hing, turmeric powder, chilly powder, ajawine, cumin powder etc

: Mix all these ingredients properly

Now chop the coriander and spring onion well and wash it with clean water. 

Add it to the above ingredients and mix it well . 

: Pour sufficient water to it  and mix it properly . 

: Now keep the pan on the gas , pour oil to it with the help of spoon . 

: Pour mixture of Cheela slowly on the oil and spread it with spatula. 

: Spread much oil on the Corner of Basen Cheela and wait to bake it . 

: Now bake it to the other side . 

: Bake it well  

Basen Cheela
coriander -onion basen cheela
coriander- spring onion basen cheela
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coriander-springonion basen cheela
basen cheela

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