Story Of Seven Days – Wednesday Wisdom

Meaning of WednesdayWisdom with the story of 7 days.

DO you know why did we have chosen Wisdom word for Wednesday. Of course this day is coming in the middle of the week . Means we are in a standing position . We can’t move any where.

Let us we will discuss here in India how every day has its more importance?

Monday : Monday is the day of starting week .It consists of 2 words which are MON + DAY . This day is devoted to the lord Shiva. Generally , we are reciting ”OM NAMAH SHIVAI” I think that we are also the part of this SHIVA. as when I am bathing in the bathroom on the head , I realize that our head is black and same it looks like ”SHIVALING” When someone is swimming in the river , if we will see only his head we definitely feel that this is the ”SHIVA LINGA. AtoZCHHALENGE2019

Another form of this Mantra is we recite ”OM NAMAH SHIVAI ” if we will recite it continuously NAMAH SHIVA we feel it is Man Shiva .That is my mind is Man . ”Shiva is inside my body . I must have to emerge it. If I will follow his virtues automatically it can emerge from our body. But, we must have to understand it.

2nd day is Tuesday ; In Marathi we call it Mangalwar again there is the word Man. On this day a lot of ladies keeping fast thinking that this is the day of JAGADAMBA. So many are not eating salt . As salt have the all controls of body .We know that if we will eat more salt we suffer from high BP . If we have low salt we suffer from low BP . Means salt can control on our mind . This Tuesday is related with mind [Mann]

3 ] WEDNESDAY This day is related with wisdom . It is the day of Ganesha . GANESHA is working as a wisdom and talented person. No one can challenge his talent and wisdom . So this is the #Wisdom Wednesday. Some name of days are due to on our planets name .As we know that planets effects on our life, everything of our life is related with the planets .

4] THURSDAY : This is the perfect day of ”GURU’ GURU planet is the biggest planet in the universe. If everyone’s GURU is right.His life is right . So we must have to keep one such GURU who can make our life safe and secure.

5] FRIDAY : Let us come to the next day Friday . This is the day of Venus. But generally, we say it ”SHUKRA” This is the brightest star in the world. If anyone has more ”Shukrabal” he is the most successful person in the world. This ”SHUKRA Bal” comes from past karma and present karma. In the today’s period we think that the person who has good body, if he/she has wearing good clothes, has more ornaments on his body, has plenty of money is the most wisdom person in the universe. Otherwise we didn’t check his inner journey and his devotion towards universe.

6] SATURDAY : Do you know, this is the dangerous planet and day in the people’s life. So many people are in trouble with this planet . Worshiping ”SHANI DEVATA” Breaking coconuts in front of him . To break coconut in front of coconut means breaking our ego. Any way I know perfectly that this ”SHANI ”comes in our life to teach some thing and bringing a lot of negative energy with us. If anyone has ”SHANI ROUND ”Means definitely he is indulged in the negative energy. This energy never goes easily . It must have some knowledge of meditation, reciting mantra, or must have full devotion towards God along with the knowledge. Sometime this energy remains purposely in anyone’s life to show the good path to the other people. This person has to face lots of troubles and difficulties in his life. Some Rushi’s, God’s , Godess are the example of it . As like some saints, Rama , KRISHANA . Carries a lot of negative energy in their life to show the world their ideal way of life.

7] SUNDAY ; Let us turn to the last day Sunday . We know that this day is the day of enjoyment. But in our India this day is devoted to the God SUN . Sun is the well known brightest star in the universe. It gives sunlight and so we are getting knowledge from him .

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