Health Benefits of Green Tea – Health

Reading health benefit means becoming aware for our health.

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Daily use of green tea – Better health

We know that if we will make any replacement for daily use it will disturb our life cycle. So to keep our health in maintain we must have to attend the qualities of drink which we are taking? How much we have to take it? Of what company it gives good benefits? If so quality is nice then there is no question to pay for it.

Some of it we will see here.

Good for digestion : Drinking green tea after a heavy meal helps to broke the food & not feeling heavy. To feel light and get digestion properly this is the well known medicine for everyone. After eating chocolates, cakes, ice creams feel light.

WEIGHT LOSS : Most important thing of green tea is it works better for weight loss. But it has to take in the morning at 10.00 AM to 11.00 AM. Today weight loss become very common in every family . A lot of people are working on it as like doing exercise, working on diet , Yoga, This tea works on cholesterol , fats and helps to lose weight.
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IT WORKS ON METABOLISM : Today we didn’t have physical work , every time we have to sit in front of PC . it effects on our metabolism . Means we have to go in GYM or make exercise everyday . If not possible our metabolism stops to work so this is the best medicine for metabolism .

GIVES NICE GLOW TO THE SKIN : We have to give time to maintain our beauty or skin. If we will drink black tea it makes our clean black or some times it create patch on skin. So to create nice glove on the skin must have to drink this tea. Definitely creates golden glove on the face. BENEFITS

ABOUT IT’S SAFE USE. : Dr has certified it as a good medicine for all above qualities . 100 % safe no any side effects . Works better for every reason.

6] It reduces the risk of cancer .

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