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Collection Of Salads,weight loss[Salad Recipes] – Vegan Cool Recipes

This salad definitely makes change in your health.

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Salad recipes – cucumber, watermelon, raw mango, tomato

How to make collection of salads – Cool Recipes for summer

Collections   of all salads.


Cucumber is the  well known detox food. It  can supplies plenty of minerals Vitamins to us. If  you want to keep your body hydrated then you must have to be use Cucumber. As it can supply a lot of energy for whole day. Cucumber contains A  Vitamin   in the more proportion so it is very good for eyes. It can helps to increase eye vision as well as gives cool feeling to the eyes.

If you have irritations with your eyes then, definitely cucumber will work better for it. Keep round slices of cucumber on the eyes  for 10 minutes  while lying. It can accept all heat produced by the body. Gives  complete cold feelings to your eyes.

Pudina   is good for cough and cold . It can help to work on viral infection. So better to use it in everyday  salad.

Let us see how to make Cucumber salad?

  Time for it

Prep cook total

10       0        10 min

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

  Cuisine : Indian

Food type –  summer  salad

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serve for 3


 Cucumber- 300gm

Leaves of Pudina /1 cup

 Seasame- 2tbsp

Green chilly  1 chopped

Salt ½ teas

Lemon juice1/2 teas

Honey- 1tbsp

Tomato sauce-2tbsp

Cumin powder-1tbsp


PROCEDURE FOR IT :  Take  the green fresh cucumber, wash it with clean water.

                                       : If cucumber is big in size remove its peel , as it will create pain in the stomach.

                                     : Cut the  cucumber into small pieces and keep aside.

                                     :  Add  Pudina leaves, 2 tbsp Sea same, green chilly, honey, tomato sauce , etc. –

                                       :  Apply chopped coriander on it.

cucumber and pudina for making salad/
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cucumber to make salad /
edients /
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                                     : Mix it well  and serve it.

2]   CUCUMBER  AND   RAW  MANGO  :   Both contains  C vitamin in more proportion . So it is good for so many problems of health. Of them  skin problem. Eyes problem , digestion problem, blood circulation , etc. It can bring nice glue on the face of every people who are eating it happily. Its  fibrous and vitamins increase your immunity power and cleans your body internally. Healthy salad recipes

    How to make it ?

Time for   it

Prep cook total

10       0        10 min


Cucumber 250 gm

 Mango 50 gm

Tomato sauce 2 tbsp

Cumin powder 1tbsp

Ajawine ½ teas

Salt 1 tbsp 

Honey 1 tbsp

Chat masala  1 tbsp

Chilly powder ½ tbsp

PROCEDURE  FOR IT :  Wash  the cucumber with clean water.

Cut the cucumber into small pieces and keep a side.

Cut   the mango pieces and keep a side.

:  Mix these pieces into  a  big container .

:  Add cumin powder, salt, chat power, honey, tomato sauce , sugar to it. Mix it well.

: Spread  coriander on it and serve it . .

ring raw mango salad/

3]  WATERMELON  and   TOMATO    

Watermelon contains 95% water . It  can work to keep body hydrated. Makes digestion easy. Keeps blood circulation  normal. Which can maintain blood pressure.It also contains  Vitamin A and C in more proportion. Which is  good  for the health.

How to make this salad?

Ingredients for it

Watermelon 250 gm

Tomato 2 well chopped

Cumin powder 1tbsp

Olive oil 1 tbsp

Cumin seeds 1 tbsp

Mustard seeds 1 tbsp

Salt  1tbsp

Lemon juice 1tbsp

Pudina  1 tbsp

Coriander 1 tbsp

Chat masala 1tbsp

Soya sauce  2 tbsp

Chilly powder 1 tbsp

Sugar1 tbsp

Black peeper 4 to 5


watermelon & tomato before making salad/
http://watermelon & tomato before making salad/

Cut the water melon into small pieces and keep aside.

 Add pieces of tomatoes to it. Add salt, chilly powder, cumin powder, sugar, honey, soya sauce, ajawine, lemon juice, chopped Pudina to it. Mix it well.

Now keep the small pan on the gas, pour olive oil to it, add cumin seeds, mustard seed , black peeper to it .

Pour it in the salad. Spread  chopped coriander on it . It gives taste of Koshimbir. Serve it in the dinner or meal. It can give nice taste .

These are the most welcome salads for the  dinner or meal. It can make in the any celebration.


collection of salad/

well prepared 3 types of salads/
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