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Every person is some how mental in his unfavorable condition.

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Which beliefs we are carrying with mental disorder people?

How to cure a mental disorder person at home?

Today we have everywhere discussion about mental illness or mental disorder. Generally, every person carries a mental disorder. Every person has to carry 20 % mental disorder to run the life. Otherwise, we never gave any blame to the great leaders like Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi Indira Gandhi, etc. Some situations come in front of them to take a decision against the common people for the benefits of the country. Then we say he is mad. We know that in politics also how every leader is trying to show another leader mad? How much may be any person strong or wise he has to face this word ‘’MAD’’ for other people. 


In our home also the person who has more responsibilities of the family has to come across with this word. As every member of the family also showing how he is mad? If I would be in that place then I will show you how I can run the family?. But, when he got this position who is blaming his father has to face the same problem and has to be ready to listen this world ‘’MAD’’ 

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Generally, in society, we think that mental disorder never is a cure. How much would be we give them medicines? But, up to his death, he has to supply medicines. Without medicines, he never cures his mental illness. And so many people are living away from that person thinking that he is a danger for us. So many are taking his misbenefit means taking some money from him, giving him blame, cheating with him, torturing with him, Insulting him and run away from him. In this case, he can’t control his mental activity and become carrying more mental disorder problem. He loses faith in everyone and himself. 

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There are 2 types of mental patients.

 1] One is due to a mental disorder or thinking

2] Due to chemical unbalancing in their brain.

1] WE WILL SEE the FIRST TYPE. With my observation, mental disorder case happens with the more sensitive people. Or due to any emotional harassment. This means since childhood if that person has not received any security from the family. Or didn’t have completed his mental or physical needs then also he becomes more mental. This is one case and another thing is if we have providing more care for any children or kid, protecting him more security also creates mental disorder. If we will providing everything that he wants immediately then he becomes like a terrorist and he thinks that the things which are in the world should get to me first. He didn’t tolerate any less in his life and he thinks that I am the king of this family. I should have to be listening to my order everyone. If not happened as he likes then he becomes mental. And tried to complete his needs with this situation. 

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 Sometimes to keep his impression in the family also he behaves differently. Sometimes everyone must have to attend me or give preference to me also finds any way to become mental. Some families accept it as it is as to run family happy and silently but if it happens in more proportion it can create more problems with the family.

DUE TO CHEMICAL UNBALANCING IN THEIR BRAIN: This is a serious case in mental disorder people. This can transform as heredity or due to some past wrong beliefs. Some doubts also create more chemical unbalance. If we have suffered from any physical problem and have taken some wrong medicines for it can create chemical unbalance in the brain. 

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Some wrong method of taking diet also creates chemical unbalance.

In this case, my most serious observation is that due to internal fear also this case happens often.

When I was in 1 St STD my mother has been suffered from it. Means she suddenly screaming at night in the dark sleep and started to talk herself assuming that she was ‘’JAGADAMBA’’ She talks to everyone as like JAGADAMBA. When we are putting her KUMKUM TILAK and filing her ‘’OOTI ‘’with rice and taking her everyone’s blessing then she automatically keeps quite. But while meeting her I feel that she was JAGADAMBA. As her love had so power that without any material things she was attracting a lot of people. But all other relatives tell that it was a mental case. She has this problem for at least 25 years.

But, now I am getting some points to realize from her life that her ‘’KUNDALINII ‘’was awakened as she never getting worries for money, what will she wishes get automatically complete. 


But by doing Seva of ‘’DATTA GURU’’of our Pachlegoankar Maharaj ”SIDH PURUSH” her that problem was cured automatically. 


I think all scientists, patriots, also comes in this case. Because they have to think differently in comparison to common people.

Some mental problems occur due to the vibrations of our ancient dead relatives or family members. I observed this case so many times and I would get understand that if there is no reason then also there is quarreling or fight in the family. Sometimes some kids also behaving as totally mad for a while. Some family members are affected due to it and behave as mad and we give them to name this is a mental disorder. When we will do spiritual healing on them then automatically they can make transform in their life. 




1] Give him a feeling that he is belonging in our family.

2] Maybe we know he is mental but without showing him that he is mental treat him as a common man. 

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3] Give him faith, respect, love.

4] Engage him every time in any activity. Never cross him. Never dominate him for any activity. 

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5] As if we will dominate him, he will do the same case more time and showing more mental.

6] Maybe some mental people do actions purposely to keep family under their control show them that we are in his control but do not live every time in his control. MedGen News

7] Give him counseling every day. If the case is not in control with the counseling then take treatment of a good psychiatrist. 

] Teach him some spiritual activity, any mantra, prayer, bhajan, songs, etc, and give faith that it is useful for his life. It can transform his life.
9] Join Indian culture to overcome all life’s problems easily with the help of spirituality. It can overcome 80% of life problems.
10] Have a lot of ways to remove your depression, mental health, physical disorder, with the help of spirituality but must have to understand that how to use spirituality in regular life? How to make a balance between spirituality and life problems?

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