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How to make vegan mango curry – Kairus [Marathi]

We are familiar with so many curries, of them tomato curry, pumpkin curry , potato curry , etc . But, the curry which I am going to make is the new type of curry . It is known as Mango curry . But, we say ”Kayrus” .Generally, it is making in festivals and rituals . In marriage it works better.

It need enough amount of jaggary .If we want to put Jaggary in this food item then we have to check the sourness of mango. If mango is more sour then we must need to put it in more proportion. If it is less sour then we put less Jaggary to it. So Jaggary is the main constituent of this food.

Let us see how to make it ?

time for it

prep cook total

10 10 20 min

Author’s name : Asha Digge

Cuisine : Indian

food type : Mango curry

keyword : How to make vegan Mango curry – Kairus [Marathi]

serve for 3

Ingredients for it

Mango : 1

Sea same powder: 50 gm

peanut powder : 50 gm

garam masala : 1 tbsp

red chilly powder : 1/2 tbsp

cumin powder : 1 tbsp

salt : 1 tbsp

oil ; 2 tbsp

mustard seeds :1 tbsp

cumin seeds :1 tbsp

Hing : 1 pinch

RECIPE FOR IT : Cut the pieces of Mangoes and keep aside.

Prepare other ingredients sea same powder, peanut powder, garam masala, red chilly powder, salt, cumin powder, jaggary , etc .

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Now keep the pan on the gas pour oil to it, wait for heating.

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Now add cumin seeds, mustard seeds, splutter it .

Add pinch of hing to it, then pour pieces of Mangoes . Fry it well .

Add all ingredients one by one .Stir it well and add immediately 100 gm water to it.

Now stir it well and keep to cook it for 2 minute.

Well prepared curry is ready to eat.

Serve it with chapati and Roti.

Mango curry? Kairus [Marathi]
http://how to make vegan Mango curry- Kairus [Marathi]
kairus [Marathi]
http://how to make vegan Mango curry- Kairus[Marathi]
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