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Bhajanichi Ukalapendhi Recipe – Breakfast recipes

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Hi friends, we know that In Maharashtra , generally in the morning we are making quickly Upma or Poha for breakfast. As we are getting perfect to make it , since so many days I want to make some change in Upma’s style. As every time by eating same Upma we are getting bored need some change in it. So I decided to make a new type of Upma .Which e was making my aunty in my childhood . She is keeping fast as a Saturday and making this type of Upma at night to eat it. At that time I couldn’t understand meaning of fasting but now, when I am remembering all these events myself I am laughing every time . Thinking that if my uncle

is bringing a lot of grocery for the fasting still why did she was making this type of recipe ? Anyway she is making in the following way but I have made slight change in it .

Let us check here how did I was making it?

Time for it

prep cook total

15 15 30 min

Author’s name : Asha Digge

cuisine : Indian

food type : Upma recipes

keyword ; bhajanichi Ukalpendhi -breakfast recipes

serve for 4


Wheat flour : 500 gm

paste of garlic, greenchilly, ginger, corriander : 1/2 bowl 50 gm

salt : 2 tbsp

buttermilk : 250 mil

oil : 50 ml

hing : 1teas

peanut : 20 gm

turmeric powder : 1 teas

lemon juice : 1 tbsp

sugar to taste : 1 tbsp

coriander : 2 tbsp

cumin powder : 1 tbsp

mustard seeds : 1 tbsp

Recipe to make it : Take the wheat flour in the big pan , start to bake it with medium gas.

: Bake it continuously till red color appears . Spread of khaman smell comes outside.

Now keep another pan on the gas pour oil to it , add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, paste of all ingredients , peanuts, etc . Wait to splutter it and fry it well. Add turmeric powder to it.

Slowly add buttermilk to it , add salt and sugar to it , wait to boil it

After boiling slowly pour baked wheat flour to it. Now slowly stir it continuously.

Keep the lid on it . Serve it with coriander and mango pickle or chilly pickle.

NOTE FOR IT : While making this recipe baking is the best skill .

: Proportion of buttermilk must be correct otherwise recipe can get spoil.

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