Green Chilly Chutney Recipe – Blogging Journey – Chutney Recipe

check the recipe of chutney along with an importance of blogging.

Chutney Recipe _Green Chilly with Tomato

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Chutney Recipe _Green Chilly with tomato from r/food

This chutney can use for 10 to 15 dishes. As like along with Roti, chapati, idali, Dosa,dhapate, Appe, Uttapa, thalepit, Puri’s khamang Puri’s, etc 

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Every day there is a big question for a food blogger, that what item we have to publish today? There is a huge competition.So many are making new items.But life is filled with full of problems and difficulties in them sometimes we didn’t have the grocery which food we want to make . Sometimes if there is a full grocery at home with full of vegetables and fruits but we have no time to see them. This controversy we have to face every time.I think so many bloggers are going in this difficulty. So many times we are deciding to publish this recipe but suddenly we must have to change this plan and that recipe remains as it is to publish.

We have to face internet problems, so many technical problems, maybe financial problems, family problems, health problems and then we have to run this blogging business.

Really I am loving blogging as it is teaching a real life, how to face problems in a quiet way? How to live life happily in a difficult situation? Sometimes how to be happy by interacting with others.Getting tremendous happiness when we are getting a good compliment from another blogger. Really when I am thinking about this business. 100 % I realize that no one is fulfilled person in this world but blogger is 100 % fulfill person in the world. Blogger understands the meaning of life. What is the full f illness in the life? How to react with relatives? How to face problems of a profession? Also giving happiness on each step. Sometimes we maybe frustrate but through it are becoming the strong person.

Do you know in India if anyone has any problems in the life then our Saints or Guru says read this holy book your problem will finish? But, to the next generation, some people will tell start blogging business everything will be okay in life. It’s my observation for blogging business what is your observation? Share with me in a  comment section. 

You maybe tell this lady is mad.This is her food blog and telling the importance of blogging here. Today I want to make cookies some grocery is there some is not there now there is no time to bring immediately. Then I changed my food item and decide to make special chutney as my blog is special for chutney. 

Let it be we shall start Chutney Recipe

time for it

prep cook total

5          2        10 min

author’s name  Pranita Deshpande

Cuisine :  Indian

food type :   chutney

Keyword :  Chutney recipe , Green chilly chutney recipe, 

serve for  3


Green chilly  6 to 7

green tomato 4 of middle size

peanut  2 tbsp

coriander  2 tbsp

salt   1 tbsp

sugar  1 tbsp

hing    1 pinch

turmeric powder  1 teas

cumin’s   1 tbsp

    oil   2 tab

PROCEDURE  FOR IT :   Take the green chilly, tomatoes, peanut, coriander in a thali.

green chilly chutney with green tomatoes

:  Keep it in the pot to get steam, pour oil to it.

:  Add half cup hot water to it and give steam for 5 minutes.

:  Wait to cool, now take it in the mixture pot.

green chilly chutney with green tomatoes

:  Add remaining ingredients salt, cumin’s, garlic flakes, sugar, the pinch of hing, turmeric powder etc.

: Grind it in the mixture. Keep it in the bowl.

:  This chutney not gives us irritations, it can eat with Roti,   chapati, Idli Uttapa, etc

images for it  click on this link to know it.

green chilly chutney

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