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I am very excited to Thanks for the nominee given by PoojaG . I read her award and become inspired with her magical lines. She is all rounder blogger, means she carries, food blog, recipes, life style, general writing along with psychology, poetry, inspiration and positivism. I totally get inspired with this work . Check her blog to get motivation to you.


Acknowledge the bloggers that had inspired to you and display their names.

Answer 11 questions that blogger have asked to you.

Give random thoughts about you.

Nominee 11 other bloggers and notify them for nominee.

Ask your nominee ‘s 11 questions.

Here are my answers to the questions

What difficulty you are facing in the blogging

The journey of my blogging is very hard . Before knowing how to sign up I have published my book ”QUOTATIONS and STORIES” and started my blogging journey. At that time I didn’t know how to sign up to the channel but started to write article. My article have 60,000-views per second result in the google. Everywhere I was top most blogger in the year 2015- 16 but , due to lack of technical and security knowledge my first site has been hacked . Then I have found new site and started to work on it. So would have been faced physically, emotionally, economically problems along with oppose of society.

How did You realized that God is our support?

Since child hood I have the habit to read, spiritual , holy books, listening devotional songs, worshiping God and my father is behaving totally as like saint . So there is no question to keep faith on God . Automatically my life is running on God’s principal. If I would be removed any principal of God from my life .It is very difficult to run my life.

Which is your favorite book / holy book

I like Nepolean Hill ‘s book to get the motivation and to increase the confidence. Along with I love to read ”SHIVLEELAMRUT” in Marathi along with ”DASBODHA” which is totally depend on the life skills and personal development of life. It was written by Samarath Ramdas .

Where are you from ?

I am from India from small village.

What are your favorite hobby?

I like to read on current knowledge or changes happening in the world. Some spiritual books, writing , creative writing, research writing, psychology, spiritual healing, etc, Along with it listening mother tongue songs, old classical music, devotional songs, spiritual music, reciting mantras , making food. etc

Where have you traveled ?

I have been traveled 1/4 Th India . Want to travel abroad.

Are you married? How did you are dealing with family members?

Yes, Having 2 Sons of them one is graduate and 2nd is learning in the college . My family is very traditional family . So I must have to leave my education, business, qualification in the PC .Only I have to keep in mind that I am a house wife to keep balance in the family otherwise it is very difficult to handle all family members.

What was the biggest challenge you have overcome in your life?

Most accepted challenge in my life is my hubby . As he was suffered from Schizophrenia patient and at that time no one known that he was patient after 15 years of marriage it has been realized that he has been patient . Then with spirituality I have overcome it. Now he became normal. This is the main challenge of my life , then I have learned to overcome chain of challenge .

Have you ever had any supernatural experience?

I am always filled with spirit.

What was the best thing happened in your life?

Travelling to the south India and tracking the highest mountain ”GIRNAR” of 30,000 steps in the night. IN GUJARAT

These are the questions asked by Pooja G . I am giving you answer not as an entertainment but seriously telling about my challenging life. In my life since childhood with every step of life I have a challenge. Then my fear towards any questions have been finished . Didn’t know how did I become fearless and every time fresh. No any worries , no any type of greed , or any type of comparison, there is every event is same to me means happiness, unhappiness, respect, disrespect, my life become totally devotional. Want to live for others , Otherwise what is the difference between us and animals . Sometimes I think that animals also living a life for others then why not we/

My Questions To Her

1] How did you have turned to blogging ?

2] Why did you have interest in psychology?

3] Do you have attraction for India ? Are you interested to visit INDIA this year

4] Do you believe on traditional habits to pray or worshiping God?

5] Do you have any historical knowledge about India?

6] What do you think about learning new language?

7] Are you running any another business along with blogging?

8] How much time you are using internet?

9] Are you open for today’s social media posting?

10] What type of transformation you want in the blogging business?

Here are my nominee







7] rachelmankowitz

8] A Sliver of Life

9] Bookish Fame



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Glad you did the award and your answers were interesting to read and to learn more about you. I’m sorry that you have been through many struggles but it’s good that you have maintained your faith and have continued with your journey.

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