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Sweet Corn Salad -Salad Recipe -Breakfast recipe

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In India main food items for the breakfast are Upma and Poha, but when people are working on internet people’s life style has been completely changed. Now people are very aware about food items, health, body, taste, thoughts. Everyone is enjoying global food items and they are feeling complete. From this we are exchanging our love, culture, food etc. Nothing wrong in it that if we will accept other countries culture which is suitable for us. If you don’t like anything from abroad countries omit it but, it is not wrong that we can accept

some good things from abroad. How To select Vegetables Related To Season – Health

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http://sweet corn salad- salad recipes/

With this thinking I decided to make sweet corn recipe. Last time also I have made but, today I have made it in a different way .


Time for it

prep cook total

15 30 45 min

Note : If you have already boiled sweet corn then it require only 10 minutes to make.

Author’s name: Asha Digge

cuisine: Indian

food type : Sweet corn salad

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Sweet corn : 100 gm

carrots: 2 small size

tomato: 1 middle size

cumin powder: 1 tbsp

salt: 1 tbsp

coriander: 2 tbsp

sugar: 1 tbsp

lemon juice: 1 tbsp

chat masala: 1/2 tbsp

green chilly pieces: 3 to 4

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http://sweet corn salad-salad recipes/

METHOD TO MAKE IT : Keep the sweet corn for cooking in the small cooker. Keep it up to 3 whistles.

Meanwhile cut the carrots, coriander, green chilly and keep aside.

Now take the cooked corn in the container , add pieces of carrot, tomatoes, green chilly, to it . Date Cake Recipe – Happy Christmas Day

Add chat masala, chilly powder, cumin powder, salt , lemon juice, sugar and mix it well.

Serve it with coriander.

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http://sweet corn salad/

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