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Health Benefits Of Flax Seed – Beauty, Weight loss.

Get important benefits from Flax seeds.

Do you know the word ‘’Alsi’’ in Hndi                                                                                                      

 ‘’Javas’’ in Marathi and Flax in English?

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This is the one type of oil seed which we  are using to make  chutney. In spirituality mostly it is used in the  ‘’Shravan Month to donate to the ‘’Shiva’’ God . It has so many benefits so that ‘’Shiva also like it .

Let us  we will see what are its benefits?

 This seed has  flat shape so I think its name is Flax seed  maybe they have replaced its name by 1 letter ‘t’. Anyway we  are making oil from it.

Now  we will see its detail  benefits.

1] weightloss. Skin, hair fall and to control diabetis it is very useful.

2] It can increases immmunity power.

3] Asthama, Artritis, cancer like these disease it can fight perfectly.

4] Increasing energy and reproductive power in the body.

5] Keeping  Cholostrol in control.

6] Bringing shinging on the skin.

7] Removes wrinkles on the skin.

8] Removes  extra cholestrol of body.

9]  Good for heart diseases.

10] Keeps digestion maintance.

Now let us check how did useful for different purposees?

This seed is very useful for hair. It can increases length of hair . As it contains Vitamin E in more proportion. It has antioxide property so it can work for the root of hair. It also contains Omega -3 Fatty acid  so it  can work for the roots of hair and increases the length of hair.

Ir is very beneficial for herat disease, these seeds fiberous are controlling naturally to increase  cholesterol.

Due to  controling cholestrol , it can keep  blood flow continuously.

How  did it can useful for the skin? It contains  antioxidant and phytochemicals  which can removes wrinkles of the skin.

It  can control diabetics  as  it  didn’t contain carbon. So that it can control sugar of the blood automatically. Which automatically control on the diabetes.

It reduces  weight . If we will use the Flax seed in the daily life it definitely controls weight. As it has fiberous, Omega3 fatty acid and antioxides  which can controls weight automatically.

How to use flax seed?

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We can eat  it raw as it is but, if we will make chutney of it with garlic, salt , chilly powder it gives very delicious taste with Roti.

Another way to make its chutney is by baking it, adding Sea same, Badishape, dry coconut, black salt,  etc    We  can control gaseous, indigestion, acidity  etc.

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