Spiritual Importance Of Shankara – Mahashivratri Special

Get to know here spiritual importance of Shankara

Spiritual Importance of Shankara –  Mahashivratri Special

     We know that ‘SHIVA’’ God is famous in the world. He is the super most power of all God.There is a say that ‘’DEVO KE DEV MAHADEV’’ In India there is a assumption  that husband means the form of Shiva . This can work in the form of some couple. We must have to realize it. As we know that ‘’SHIVA’’ means his half part of the body contains ‘’Shiv’’ and  half contains Parvati . I think meaning of it is that any person has the power to work as a man as well as a women. Its interesting but, in India  why some people have distributed work. As some work must have to do by ladies and some have to do gents. This is the very worst type of  discrimination. Today I have  got complete meaning of it. I think some people have purposely dominated to the ladies.


1] MAHADEV :  When the person want to live a complete meaning full life then he must have to do ‘’seva’’ of Mahadev. He can complete his all wishes . Some people have good experience from it.

2]  KARPURGAUR  :  His  color is as like camphor means complete white but waves of complete white colors couldn’t get tolerate to the front   people so there is the outer cover of ‘’SHIVA ‘’ is of ash color. This is called as ‘’CHITA BHASAM’’ means he want the ash of burned dead body. I think this is also some where misunderstanding. But in so many holy books they have described complete stories  on it. We must have to learn it scientifically.

3]  TRINETRA :  There is an extra eye in between the  eye brows of SHIVA we say it is ‘’Third eye’’ when any natural calamity disturbs all universe  we say that ‘’SHIVA’’  has opened his Third eye.

  This eye means  the  form of brightest high energy. Means he has the knowledge of present, past & future. He can watch all events  of 3 tenses with it..

   There are thousands of  ‘’SHIVAS’’ name but I have given you only important here.

Now let us see  how is the ‘’SHIVA ? ‘’

      He  is the loving student of God Vishnu :   He loves lot of to the Vishnu so he had  bought ‘’GANGA’’ from the feet of Lord Vishnu.  

MAHAYOGI AND MAHATAPASVI :  There is only 1 God who recites every time Mantra. Due to continuous  reciting Mantra heat gets to increase so he had kept cool things with him as like moon, Ganga, snake, etc  also he is living in the Himalaya  as a cool place.

Vairagi : Means  no any wishes. Maybe he is living continuously with Parvati , still  he is away from sex . It is in Marathi we call ‘’Avikari’’ with ‘’Nirvikar mind. Means no any wishes. This is the almost complete powerful, pure soul in the universe. So Mahadev means complete knowledge with pure mind.

  HE SCARIFIES FOR THE HAPPINESS OF OTHERS.:   There  is a  story that when poison has been created in the ocean at that time no one is coming to take that poison but ‘’SHANKARA’’ came there and he drank all poison which effects  that his neck and body completely become blue color. And since that time people say him ‘’NILKANTH’’ means whose neck has color blue.

ANGRY :  This is the famous characters of  ‘’SHIVA’’ as  we  know that in India if any person has anger in his nature then we say he is the  form of ‘’SHIVA’’

When he continuously recites his Mantra  and when he stop himself then he couldn’t have any anger but if anyone has disturbed him in his reciting  then he will destroy front person he has  that much power. His power completely gets outside and when front person couldn’t have the power  to face it then definitely he gets destroyed. And we say he had destroyed him.

KEEPS MAHAKALI  COOL IN THE ANGER :  Mahakali  means wife of Shankara ‘’PARVATI’’ She also has a lot of anger. She  can express it  when there was DEMONS in the earth. Who are torturing to the ladies at that time she had taken the form of MAHAKALI to destroy  that Demon. But when she  overcome the limit of anger at that time ‘’SHIVA’’ become completely  as like dead body. And when Mahakali running on dead bodies of Demons at that time she came near to the ‘’SHIVA’S’’ dead body and with his touching she became cool. This is called  as ‘’SHIVTATVA’’ OR ‘’PARAMTATVA’’.

EASILY  COMPLETES  EVERYONE’S WISHES : When he is with you .He can give you everything what you want.

OWNER OF GHOST:  He can easily ran away all types of ghosts. So the person who is making ‘’Upasana ‘’ of ‘’SHIVA , has no any fear in his life.                                              


       Say  OM NAMH SHIVAI .

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