How To Control Blood Sugar With Ajowan – Health Benefit

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Control Blood Sugar With AJOWAN – Health Benefits

 Do you know this Ajowan word has a long story? It has been created in my Son's treatment at Bombay. It can't express here you have to check it in my ''Masala Rice'' post. 

Any way still I will tell some small events on this AJOWAN.
When I had been in the 9 Th STD my sister had given birth to her elder son. Then in her delivery after her meal and dinner, my mother was giving her 1 tablespoon AJOWAN to bite in the mouth and saying her to bite it in the mouth without swallow it. After that, she has to make a big sound on his baby’s stomach or has to send steam of her mouth in her baby’s mouth. And also has to give steam of every part of the body of her baby. This scene I feel amazing. Then I was asking to my mother. What will happen to it? She was telling me it will give complete relief to the baby and mother like a steam bath. As well as it can keep stomach light, away from gaseous and all problems.
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The same phenomenon I have done to both babies.
We know that today diabetes and blood pressures are spreading fast. It is very hard to control. We can control it with the help of Ajowan.
1] It is very healthy and useful to increase the immunity power of our body. We are using it in the spice to get the taste of our Subji’s or food. mentalhealth
2] As I have told upside, it can be useful to keep away our mouth bad breathing, after eating we can eat it in the small number of granules. It can remove digestion problems. As like gaseous, pain in the abdomen, etc
3] It has to bake on the TAWA with ghee and eat with warm water.
4] It carries a lot of good properties that can use to reduce the sugar level of blood. It must have to take in the following way.
Take every day 1 tablespoon of neem leaves powder, 1/2 tablespoon cumin seed powder, and seeds of AJOAWAN, add all these ingredients in the hot milk and drink it. It will reduce the level of sugar in the blood.
5] By using everyday Ajowan we can control heart attack or heart problems.
6] Some ladies, girls have a lot of pain in the abdomen in their periods along with pain in the waist, pain in the back, etc. It will remove all these problems easily.
7] Sometimes we have an infection in the mouth our gums have swelling along with pain to remove it if we will make ”KULA ” with warm water and 2 drops of AJOWAN. Then it can stop swelling and pain in the gums.
8] It works for weight loss, as it works as a good catalyst in the digestion process. almondday
9] Apply powder of AJOWAN on the body part where you have scratching or burning in the skin. Keep it for 3 to 4 hours. healthbenefits
10]If you are suffering every time with a cough then drink AJOWAN water with black salt to stop it.
11 ] To remove the fear of any disease add AJOWAN in the spice. Use everyday spice. Drink everyday AJOWAN water and increase your immunity power so that you could away from all infections.

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The name Ajowan confused me. I wonder what it is all about. When I googled, then only I recognised, it is quite frequently used spice in our food. 😅😅 It will control blood sugar was a new knowledge. Thanks for sharing😃💞

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