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Gavar Pickle Recipe_ Instant Pickle Recipe

Get an instant pickle for instant bhojan

In the morning I started to cut Gavar to make curry . While cutting, some thick size can’t cook easily. So I have an idea that we can make pickle of it with green chilies. Then I thought we shall cut green chili pieces in the middle of it of same size Gavar.

So I decided to make it.

Ingredients for it. Green chilly pieces : 1 tbsp,

Gavar pieces: 1 tbsp,

salt : 1/2 tbsp,

🥜 powder: 1 tbsp,

lemon juice: 1/2 tbsp,

oil for spluttering: 1/2 tbsp. Direction to make it:

Pour the oil into the pan. Add mustard seeds to it.

Wait to spluttering, now add pieces of Gavar beans and green chili.

Add all ingredients one by one. Stir it well.

Keep lid on it for a moment. Now take it in the dish.

Add lemon juice to it. Serve it in the Bhojan.

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Note: Don’t add more ingredients to it. Keep flame of the gas slow. Finish it in one day.

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