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Check here can you empower here with this article?

We know that as the mind as the thought and as the thought as the karma, As the karma as the destiny.

So our destiny depends on our thoughts and our thought is created by mind and this mind makes magic everywhere.

We can buy everything in the market but we can’t buy the power of mind in the market. How could we increase the power of the mind? What is the way to empower the mind? What is the way to control the mind? How can I understand I have to empower my mind?

To empower the mind first we can see what the condition of mind is?. Is my mind now disturbed or in peaceful state?. Can I watch my mind? Can I observe the real condition of mind? What are the thoughts running through my mind?. If they are _ ve the speed of negative thought is fast and so I am getting disturbed now.

When we are purchasing anything we are watching that this thing is good in this situation or not, some like this.

Now we can stop and check in my mind that what is in our mind?.

If I will give an order to another person his mind accept my order and doing the work.  Which did I tell then why did my mind not?

As we have not given counselling to my mind my mind is like child’s mind, and if we have to council any children’s mind then we have to tell him lovingly not forcefully, and we have to attend to my mind what is going in my mind ?.

When we attend our mind our mind became peaceful and we feel calm, relax and stable. As when we can’t attend to our baby crying loudly but when we see her going close to her, he /she became suddenly peaceful and calm the same thing with the mind.

Our mind is same like mobile to do the work we require mobile It became the most important part of life. To turn our mobile we require, full of charging so when we get up in the morning we make our mobiles battery with full of charge.

After some time by using this mobile it becomes discharged and we are keeping that mobile again to charge. But what about our mind.

IN the morning when we are going to the office we are full of charging but when we coming back our children are waiting for us to get the love from mama or papa, but instead of giving love to them we are angry with them loudly. Screaming at them, abusing them so what we are giving to our children? Why did We are working? and we are telling them I am working for them? Why did it happen, As mobiles battery get discharged we have charge it but I have not attended to my mind I have not charged to my mind., Same like mobile I have to make mediation for 5 minutes after an hour. I have to check my mind.&to know HOW  TO EMPOWER MIND?   

My mind is full of traffic control of my thoughts for it I have to stop for 2 min same like traffic control. When the red signal is There, red signal means waste thoughts stop it. Then yellow means input thoughts check and when green signal is there we start to run the car like this change our thoughts.

After every hour how did we can do mediation?. If ego has gone everything gone.

Jealousy, anger, greed, the sex we don’t throw it outside but only we have to keep in mind. Or in memory that, I am a peaceful soul. and I am playing a role of my boss.

     To empower the mind I have to follow these steps.

1)      Doing meditation ( feeding good thoughts) in my mind, in the morning.

2)      After each, an hour stop, check and change what is the quality of my thought by doing meditation for l ,2 min.

3)      To be calm and peaceful make purification of the mind by forgiving, by donating peaceful thoughts to anyone, by giving a pure love of peace. 

  4)      Every time sending good vibrations, by loving nature providing someone kindness, compassion peace etc.

5)      Keeping attention with my thoughts is the best way of empowering my mind.

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