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Watch “May 2, 2019 RUNMOCHAK MANGAL STORAM” on YouTube

This is the well experienced story of my life. You can recite it with full of devotion. You will definitely getting good results This Stotra can give following benefits. If you will recite it with full of devotion and faith. I have got 💯 percent 😭 results from it.

1) It can remove quarrels of husband, wife relationship. We know that, in so many couple maybe both are completely mature, understand each other still their are a lot of questions in husband wife relationship. We can’t understand it’s reason. For it this Stotra gives complete solution. We have to attend our ego.

Beet Upma Recipe- Breakfast Recipe- Healthy Recipe

बीट ऊपमा रेसिपी: पौष्टीक नाष्टा रेसिपी।    ही रेसिपी मला कुठही पहायला मिळाली नाही। मी पहिल्यांदाच भीत, भीत ह्या रेसिपीचा प्रयोग केला। वाटल होत कोण खाणार की नाही पण सगळ्यांनी खाल्ला। खुपच रुचकर झालाय।    साहित्य ःबीट,: ३,बटाटा: १,टोमँटोः १,कांदा ः१,कोथिंबीर : २चमचे,तिखट :.दीड चमचा,मीठ :.२.चमचे,दाण्याचे कुट : १००ग्रम,तेल: १० ग्रम,जीरं : १ चमचा,मोहरी ः १ चमचा। […]

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