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Chaitra Gauri Celebration/Welcome Spring Season Indian Festival

Chaitra Navratri festival/

This is the festival which can welcome to the spring season. We know that in this season we have blossom of flowers and mangoes.

Generally, in this season we are making Mango Panha , Mango Sarbat, Mango chana (gram dal) , etc . Along with it we are making some sweets as like Gujiya, Ladoo, etc along with it some tasty , delicious food.

There is a say that, Gauri means wife of Shankara she wants to come to her parents home for some days to take rest and to feel an enthusiasm. So she comes to the parents homes, meets her all friends, enjoying spring season in the farm by playing swang or singing songs, plying harmonium, etc

For this she wears new saree, jwellary, looking glorious and she filled with full of happiness. She calls to get friends to enjoy it as a haldikumkum.

Anyway today so many ladies are in tremendous pressure, to them also feel positive, energetic I have celebrated this season.

Chaitra Navratri festival/
Baden Ladoo for celebration/

Anyway now

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