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Dal Recipe – Methi ,Mango TastyDal

Tasty noone knows this idea of making dal.

Methi dal recipe/
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via Dal Recipe – Methi ,Mango TastyDal

Methi Dal Recipe _ Tasty Dal 

How to make Dal? – Methi dal  recipe.   

 Time for it  

prep cook total 

5         30      35 min 

A uthor’s name  : Pranita deshpande 

 food type : Dal recipes 

 Cuisine   : Indian 

Keyword : Dal Recipe : Methi, mango, Tasty dal 


Dal  :   1 & 1/2 bowl 

Methi seeds    2 tbsp

mango pieces   1/2 bowl [small]

Jaggary  2 bowls

Oil     1/4 bowl

chilly powder    2 tbsp

pieces of chilly[red]   4 to 5

cumin seeds 1 tbsp

Mustard seeds  1 tbsp

Hing     1 pinch

turmeric powder 1 teas

salt    as your convenience

coriander   2 tbsp [well chopped ]

PROCEDURE FOR IT :  Keep the dal to cook in a small cooker along with turmeric  powder  1 teas oil ,  add some Fenugreek seeds to it.  

                  :   Take 2 to 3 whistles of it &put off the gas . 

                           : Add 2 glass hot water to it . 

                                   : Stir it well , add salt to it . 

  •     ;  keep the pan on the gas, Pour oil to it , add cumin                              seeds,   mustard seeds  and wait to splutter it . 

            :Now add  curry leaves, chilly [red chilly pieces] , red chilly                             powder   , pinch of hing etc .       

              ;  Pour slowly liquid Dal to it . Now add jaggary , coriander to it. 

                      : Boil it for a while.     

INSTRUCTION : Don’t boil more time this Dal. This will reduce the taste of Dal.

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