Let Us Play Small Workshop – Exit COVID -20

Let us enjoy small workshop to exit COVID -20 Get here 50 $ for only joining, then after 100 visitors you will get 50 $

Money is the necessary source of our life. Everyone works to earn money, What should I do to earn money?. How could I use my talent to earn money? Which game should I play to earn money? Is there any extra talent to earn money? Can I get talent in the market? How can I increase my talent ? What is meant by talent?

Talent means how we are thinking and using our power wherever necessary.

How could we keep our talent clean? WORK SHOP -TO FIND IQ

1)      We need good thoughts to keep our talent nice and useful.

2)      To keep good thoughts we need to keep a balanced diet, balanced lifestyle, good reading, singing bhajan Keertan, satsangs, good friends etc.


3)      So that Mahatma Gandhi told us don’t see evil, don’t listen to evil, and don’t talk, evil. If you will do all three things your talent gets vanished and your good karma destroys. IS ALL ABOUT

4)      When we lost our wisdom our action became blindness.

So to keep our talent nice we need to keep our mind happy and we know that happiness always gives us success.

The people who are trying to keep their talent clean and nice they would get automatically happiness, success, fame, money etc.

In Rig-Veda, there is a proverb that, if you would maintain yourself you would get everything automatically.

Give the answer of following questions. Here is the work shop to find IQ

  • Are you reading good books?
  •                                                Yes/ No.

For Yes write Y ,  For No write N

2)      Are you writing something every day?.                             Yes/ No

3)      Can you play word puzzles?                                Yes/ No.

4)      Do you like to play mobile games?                                Yes/ No.

5)      Are you solving different puzzles?                                  Yes/ No.

6)      Do you like to observe nature?                                    Yes/ No.

7)      Can you make any experiment / Invention?                  Yes/ No.

8)      Can you suggest any Change?                                       Yes/ No.

9)      Do you love to give opinions?                                       Yes/ No

10)    Do you have the hobby to collect things?                                  Yes/ No.

11)    Are you interested to do the action ? or to make new things.                                                                                                                           Yes/ No.

12)    Can you make tables?                                          Yes/ No.

13)    Can you solve problems orally?                                          Yes/ No.

14)    Can you cut anything nicely / or can you draw a figure.                                                                                                                          Yes/ No.

15)    Can you make difference between right or wrong?                    Yes/ No.

16)    Do you like to fill in the blanks?                                        Yes/ No.

17)    Are you enjoying travelling and collecting information?                                                                                                                               Yes/ No.

18)    Do you want to keep some good articles with you?                                                                                                                                 Yes/ No.

19)    Are you enjoying listening to songs, conversation, speech etc?                                  Yes/ No.

20)    Can you make difference easily?                                      Yes/ No.




21)    Do you want to match the following?                           Yes/No             es/

 Do you want to tell something or write something about any person?

Yes/ No.

23)    Do you like to watch some schools program?                                                                                                                                          Yes/ No.

24)    Can you solve any problem easily?                                 Yes/ No.

25)    Do you like to solve rapid questions?                                                                                                                                             Yes/ No.

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