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Masala Bhendi Recipe _ Homemade

check here video of Masala Bhendi.

Friends, today I am going to make masala Bhendi. In the child hood I was always hating to eat this Bhendi. It feels me very sticky and never giving me taste. Anyway some subji’s must have to make specifically. Otherwise it never gives taste.

If the Bhendi is fresh and it is from organic field then it will definitely give us good taste.If we will eat raw. Village people are eating it as it is in the field.

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Let us check how did I have made it?

Time for it

prep cook total

20 15 35 minutes.

Author,s name : Pranita deshpande

Cuisine: Indian ,

food type : Masala Bhendi

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serve for 4

Ingredients for it. Chopped Bhendi 1/2 kg ,

chopped tomato: 1 middle size,

chopped onion : 2 middle size,

paste of garlic : 1 tbsp,

oil : 2 tbsp,

mustard seeds: 1tbsp,

cumin seeds, 1tbdp ,

hing : 1 pinch,

salt : 2tbsp,

Red chili powder: 1tbsp,

Garam masala: 1tbsp,

peanut powder: 1 bowl .

Let us check how did I have made in the video 😁.

Short Method To Make It : Keep. all ingredients ready.

Pour oil in the pan ,

add mustard seeds, garlic paste.onion, tomato (chopped) to it.

Fry it well. Keep lid on it. Now add Red chili powder, garam masala, salt etc and saute it.

Well prepared Masala Bhendi is ready to ea

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That’s true. Something that we dislike must be made pleasing to use. I too hate some category of food in my children later when it is made in other pleasing ways, it tastes better. Thanks for sharing this.😍👍💞

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