How To Be Awesome At Giving Advice – Mental Health

I want to give advice to everyone but, is I am able to give it? Check here.

Why Did I Give Advice To Anyone?



Self  Advice      

Self Realization

     When I had been in the school, there was one boy whose name is Rahul he was not well in study He always teasing to all students and teachers. Once a day he made mimicry of one teacher  and instead of telling truth about the teacher he was telling something wrong in the staff room After that this complain reached up to the principal. Then Principal called him and asked why did you want to give complain? about that teacher/ Then he told “ Sir, this sir is not teaching well  Mathematics “ then sir keep quiet for a while and after some time he asked him  some questions about mathematics he did not reply one answer also then principal sir given him strictly warning to him that first, you make your subject clear and perfect then give me complain about math’s  teacher mistake.

By this example, we can clearly understand that when we are pointing one finger at anyone then four fingers are always turned with us.-mental-health/ #Anger #choice

Nowadays in any society, there are a lot of advisors, everyone is giving advice & speech to everyone. We can create a lot of imagination to tell others but what about me?  When we want to transform the world It should start with me. It can be understood when I will become introvert.

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We always tried to clear and clean world but If I attached with anger, laziness, ignorant, violence, then how could I reduce it./how-to-overcome-negativity-in-lock-down/

The things or any rule we want to make it for all worlds. But not for me how it is possible? It should start with me. so that.

Every time we talk about to transform the world but in this  World, we can also part of it we can’t understand it and Every time we tell trend is changed but what is trend.?  Whatever may be the trend is there I have to live stable./benefits-of-optimist-person-in-lock-down-exit-co

with my values if I will decide it co firmly then there is no evil in this world. There is no need of any Guru to tell anything to us.

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When I am giving any advice to anyone I have to ask some questions to me. Which are 1) who am I ?  2) Am I right to give advice? 3) Can I able to give advice? To make a tally of this questions there are so fewer people.  they are getting happiness in giving advice to the other people.

Nowadays there are a lot of people who are giving a lot of advice, but to whom we should make a leader? is the main problem of all society. Everyone thinks that I am a leader and so that due to this thinking value of the man is decreasing and who could keep the respect of whom? Is the main question. In this situation, no one is trusting anyone. & when trust is over in the society everything is over. As every society is built on trust. 

In short, I want to tell everyone that,”No one could try to give advice to anyone ‘’Again there is advice.

Sorry for it.


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You are coming up with versatile topic. Today mental health. This is a beautiful write up. The only person who can advise us is ourself. I have seen many people giving advices without making themself apt for it. That’s not fine and also ineffective. You said it in a beautiful way. Well written.😃💞👍

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