How To Remove Pressure In Your Life – Health – Mental Health

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How To Remove Pressure In Our Life – Health – Mental Health

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 Yesterday I heard conversation between two students about their exams. They are discussing with each other about their admissions in the good college,and to get them out of marks in the examinations. Out of them, one was saying that ” If I would not get admission in that college I will leave my education” and another one was saying that” If I would be not getting admission to the M.B.B.S. college I will be sluiced” I astonished with these sentences.

I realized that nowadays what is the level of pressure to the students.?
How will it create?

What should we have to do to release from pressure?
OK, we will discuss in detail what is the pressure?

Pressure is an emotion which I create when I feel that what will happen if I will not achieve my goal without pressure
Pressure means can I do this or not If not then I create pressure.

  If there is fear in my mind about my and others expectations then I feel pressure. 

 When we are finishing our deadline we create pressure
       In two people if one is completing his deadline without pressure if it may be he requires more days but he will be in a comfortable state.
  But another one who had completed his deadline with fear and pressure then he will suffer from B. P.

 sugar, hyperthyroidism , irritations, anxiety, etc. Also he has chosen this type of lifestyle  thinking that ”It should happen automatically nowadays”

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 Sometimes the pressure is not about deadline but it should be of our belief system  that ”I can’t do any work without pressure”
  Deadline doesn’t create pressure but the thought of it  ”can I complete it or not, if not then I realize pressure.

    To remove the pressure we have to stop for 2 minutes and watch our thought. We realize that we first creating the fear and then we are feeling the fear when we understand this feeling then again we observe the thought, change the thought check the belief system and accept the truth.

 Many times due to fear my efficiency gets reduced.
If a pressure is not where my self-esteem is on high level and My self-esteem does not depend on another one’s self-esteem.
When stability comes performance automatically gets good.

Logically and experimentally it proved that if pressure is not there achievement is more.

To remove pressure we have to do
1] Mediate every day for half an hour in the morning
2] Engage in any creative activity.
3] Talk to another person for five minutes except for your subject
4] Make humor and enjoy it
5] Use your humor to please never to hurt
 6] Do a household chore.
  7] Listen to spiritual music
  10 ] Call to friends, relatives, etc
   11] Left your ego and be a normal person. Keep away your status.
  12] Go to your friend, relatives, live light.
  13] Carry only love in the heart, remove ego,  prestige etc.
  14 ] Every person came on the earth only to distribute love, happiness, peace, etc Maybe he had earned a lot of material things.H e must have to carry love, peace, happiness compassion etc.
I have written this post without pressure
You read this post  without pressure
    Enjoy your life without  pressure

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