Real Benefits Of Mantra Healing – Health

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Spiritual power of mantra healing -Health

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Before twenty years my two years kid Sachin was suffered from Blood Cancer.

With a lot of efforts he was cured in one year. His treatment was taken in TATA HOSPITAL at

Bombay. Now he was totally normal & out of danger due to Reciting Mantra’s Benefits -Real story

Suddenly He Suffered  From Chicken pox.

Suddenly He Suffered  From Chicken pox.

After his treatment he was fresh for one year but suddenly he suffered from chicken pox.

It spread all over his body so that there was not exposed  single point of skin to give the injection.In the evening I went to doctor to take the treatment of chicken pox. Doctor saw the patient & he refused to admit him as there is not empty place to search the vain. ‘We can’t admit him’ Dr. told clearly.

There is misunderstanding in our culture that ‘’If hospital treatment stop means everything is stop. ‘So in my home everyone was thinking that,’now this patient can’t live. ‘So that my mother-in law invited to every guest to see last time the patient. My father, my sister, her husband, my father –in –law came in my home & sat aside. Everyone lost their will power .


n that situation I believe only on God. My faith  was telling me that nothing will happen to my kid. My sister just kept ‘’Ganesh’’ in water  & I reciting ‘’Ganesh Mantra’’ continuously.


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Someone told that ‘’bath the patient with hot water, ‘so I bathed him with hot water & trying to slept him. Instead of sleeping  he was started to talking loudly& suddenly he went in coma.

Related imageIn my home everyone has left hope. My husband was started to cry,and they thought that kid will die up to morning.


When  he was in coma .I was weeping loudly at least one hour. But At that  time my wisdom tells me that with anyone’s blessing my child will cure. So I started to take blessing of every ones  whispering with full of tears ‘’please give life to my son’’ continuously reciting ‘’Ganesh Mantra ‘keeping faith on mantra. 


My father accepted his treatment’s responsibility,and he was also reciting some mantra. He told to my sister that ‘’ boil 3 cup of water and make it 1 cup and after cooling  it ,drink it to the patient.

I added some glucose powder in it and continuously I was pouring it drop by drop in his mouth. One hour left but kid doesn’t show any change. At last his stomach gets swallowed like a big pot. My sister got an angry and she told me ‘’don’t let water in his mouth.’’ At last I decided to do something so I went in kitchen and brought white onion .I broke up it and gave him smell of onion. When he had reach smell he became slowly conscious and again after some time he went in coma. I left some hope but still I reciting Ganesh Mantra with lot of tears. After some time I told to everyone give my son to hug me. but my mother in law refused to give me my son, at last my father thought that her last wish and so he gave me my son to hug him

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At this moment I controlled myself, stopped to cry ,again not left hope, only I had rubbed his hands,  feet  with my hands.and rubbed  at the side of his  brows, hug  the child tightly and told him  ‘’Say Maa’’ ‘’please say me ‘Maa’ again and again I repeated this word in his ear continuously after half an hour that he had open his eyes said ‘’ Maa’’

In  this situation my father’s belief system about God, selfless love, family support, my father’s wisdom save my son’s life.


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