Happy Mother’s Day – Special My Aai

Happy Mother’s day- Special My Aai

2017 year was very unfortunate to me, as my mother left her body suddenly when she was 82. Really my life became valuable due to her clean clear sansakar . She has always fulfilled thoughts means she didn’t have any bank balance with her .she didn’t get any pension or money from anywhere. The money which I and my brother was giving to her for her security and health. She didn’t use that money for herself. When anyone came to meet her she gave him/her to him and telling us that they have taken my blessing then how could I left them empty  hand? So always she uses  her hand for giving and in this situation also she didn’t feel any time scarcity of money, food or cloth every time she was fulfilled with her giving nature .



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Every time her teaching was that if anyone came into our home she never had to send him empty. Means give him food or drink or whatever you have. All mothers are in the form of Goddess Jagdamba. It indicates that accept to everyone as my son or daughter and gave them what you have. Never tell that, I didn’t have anything to give you. This was the nature of my mother throughout her life and these sanskaras have inspired me to become an international how-to-overcome-negativity-in-lock-down/

.Whatever you have in your home must have to give some part of it.#ComecleanThis #MothersDay

, it’s time to #ComeClean . The most interesting thing is that If not available easily search in the home and give to the person who came to your home. Actually, this type of thinking and behavior is known as  Goddess Jagdamba.

If you have everything with you a lot of money, prosperity etc but still you are insecure and thinking about your future and you didn’t have the wish to give anyone, not giving you to the needy person what’s the use of your presence on the earth?

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In case if the person didn’t have anything with him but he has a lot of wishes to give anyone is the real Jagdamba. I am observing in the society the people who are earning money less are big-hearten and loving unconditionally, distributing their anything with each other. Living lovingly and helping to the needy person whatever with them. Means they are always fulfilled with what they have?effects-of-fear-in-daily-life-exit-covid/

We know any lady have 1000 forms of Goddess.She should have to emerge it by meditating or reciting the mantra if she would understand all these powers the world will become heaven  and there is no need to tell that our mothers should be financially free. Everyone is always fulfilled with good thoughts.

I want to explain here that if your thinking is limited then how many [a lot of ] maybe you have you will always less . And If you are bighearted and broad minded then how much you have less then also you are always fulfilled.  As I saw some richest persons who are always feeling less. They are begging for other persons to become rich.

But in the universe mother is always fulfilled and so we say she is the form of Goddess Jagdamba.

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