Importance Of Bathing – Health Benefits.

Let us read here real importance of bathing. In India so bathing rituals running since birth to death. No any ritual is there without bathing. In some rituals we have to bath 2 or 3 times.

How Bathing Is Important To Us?

What Are The Disadvantageous Of Without Bathing Life?

Do you know why did I have selected this topic? In our home everyday there is an argument between my both son and me . I am telling them without bathing don’t touch to the food. May be you are so clean. I hate the people who are not bathing regularly and early. May be they are more successful, kind and carry more compassion. But I will mention some reasons here , why did bathing is so important?


1] Without bathing if you will touch to the food it spread germs or make food poisonous.

2] If you will travel without bathing , there are more accidents or some injure cases , quarreling cases are happening. Often I am reading accident news in short, in that a lot of Muslim people are there. In the lots of news murder cases are filled with Muslim people. And so that there is always wars in between Muslim living areas. As they are not bathing regularly. I think our wisdom gets lost without bathing. I have been experienced with a lot of people. I couldn’t mention their name here.

3] In some houses some members are losing an enthusiasm, instead carrying laziness along with spreading germs in the home.Also they are spreading germs in the atmosphere.

4] Creates a lots of skin diseases, arthritis, another infections.

4] So that in India there are a lot’s of rituals regarding bathing that is”ABHYANG SNAN” KARTIK SNAN” VAISHAKH SNAN” ”GANGA SNAN” ” OCEANSNAN” ”SEA SNAN” ”TEERTH SNAN”

Here Snan means bathing. Our all rituals, festivals are related towards bathing.

4] Have you experienced yourself without bathing how you feel?

Now Let Us Discuss Benefits Of Bathing .

1] It removes germs , dust, dirt from our body. Cleans mind and body Keeping us every time fresh.

2] Creates freshness, removes depression, worries, changing attitude, creates an enthusiasm, works as a strong healing process. So that in Ayurveda there are lots of treatments regarding bathing. That is steam bath etc .

3] Keeps blood circulation flowing, crates appetite , have you observed that after bathing we feel more hunger.?

4] Opens skin holes , removes skin diseases, increases confidence.

5] Our Astrologer also giving us so many rituals while bathing to get success in our life or to remove our skin diseases.

6] If you will bath early in the morning we never get suffer from ”VATTA, PITTA and COUGH ”Dosha.

7] So that our ancient parents are getting up early in the morning and bathing before 7 o clock in the morning.They have got complete more than 100 year life span. May be they have no more money.

DISCLOSURE : Some points in the post mentioned with my regular observation. My intention to mention it is to show real fact. I didn’t want to give any hurt to any community .

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