Valuable Drama Mrutuanjay Ho [ Veer Savarkar ]- Fear Of Death

Now we are also going in very difficult situation. Let us learn here how Veer Savarkar has overcome the fear of death.

      Drama On V. D. Savarkar – Mrutuanjay Ho


Today  at the afternoon suddenly I have a call  from my relatives about this drama. She told   Very nice drama you must go with your kids and family. Then I left my so important work and decided to go. Today  we have forgotten about drama and all these valuable things but I realized that drama is how much effective than any cinema. As we  know that actors are working in the cinema behind our eyes and here actors and participants are working in front of us . So the things which are happening in the drama are feeling real. We lost our life for a while . There is no brake and no advertise so totally we involve in it.

     Let us talk about the drama ‘’Mrutanjaya Ho’’ I didn’t know more about Devotee Savarkar. I learnt only their 2 poems by heart in my school life that is one is ‘’Jayostute Shri  Mahanmangale Shivaspade , Shubhde’’ and another song 

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‘’Ne Majasi Ne Parat Matra Bhumila , Sagara Pran Talmala ‘’ we are singing this song in the school with full of devotion .

 Today  while watching  this drama  I realized that ‘’How much deep spiritual knowledge would have been to the Veer Savarkar? I   astonished with their deep spiritual knowledge and real love towards country. I  think ‘’Geeta’’ would have the importance due to these people. This is really too much heart touching drama. No one will forget this drama in their life. If anyone loves their country. The  sentences of the actor ‘’Savrakar ‘’ has the power  as like internet  waves . I  think  today  also country is running  due  to like these sentences of Veer  Sarvarkar.   Like  these super spiritual persons sentences didn’t need any media . Automatically  they are spreading in the atmosphere and work with the people’s work. We didn’t understand how these are working in the atmosphere but spiritual person can understand it easily.

 How much brave, super person was that? How his power has changed the mind of Govt?. These  type of change never bring any Minister who is running in the plane or in the big car. But the person who is working for the soul and country by heart not for the body is  definitely brings the change in the environment.

At start I thought ‘’How foolish this ‘’Veer Savrkar? ’’ But  while he fighting with his death or YAM , I never imagine this type of brave commentary. How he had faced with death? How he faced with the difficulties? But never changed his mind and principals towards  his country  is also amazing thing. Really I liked that scene. How fearless person he is?

This drama means very good revolution for the country. We never forget their work and scarification for our country. Thanks for the team who had prepared this drama . Next generation  will definitely run towards a  lot of change in their life.

Today So many people are adopting  an  abroad high profile  life style . So they are forgetting that someone had scarified their life for our country so that we are living in the comfortable zone . Otherwise we have to face a lot of troubles and difficulties to run our life. It is the best way to make a bright change in the next generation.

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