How To Increase Views On Pinterest- Blogging

Get to know here how to make your pin viral?

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We know that blogging is the business where we must have to connect all channels. If we will think that ,’no it is very hard channel couldn’t understand me to publish post and doing marketing it. Then we lose a lot of views there.

In the starting of blogging every blogger is only attending to the main channel that is facebook, twitter, Linkedin, me we or google plus. About pinterest we think that it is not important. It was my assumption while starting blogging. I didn’t know about today’s blogger but for the new coming I am explaining here.

This year I known that ,Pinterest is the most important channel to increase the fast views without wasting time. Along with it we can sell so many products on the pinterest.

Let us check here what to do increase views here.

1] First you create the simple account on the pinterest

2] Now start to upload your images.

3] Divide your images in the best category and make boards as like breakfast recipes, Bhojan recipes, sweets , etc If it is for another business make boards on the basis of your business categories. check my board here.

4] Now go the right side of pinterest and click on the settings.

5] Now create your business account . In the setting there is an option to claim your accounts and site .

6] Click on that claim button to claim your accounts.

7] You will get code from it. Take that code and keep it in your website html. Save settings.

8] In the business account create pin upload image or videos . At the right side there is a place to write information about your pin.

9] Write topic on the first line . Write description of your pin. At the last line you have to put link of your blog post. So that customer can easily reach to your site. Now publish the pin and add it to your proper board.

10] At the down side there is the comment option. Write detail comment of your post.


1] After publishing post in the business account , there is a small option at the right side that is ”add photo” Click on that you will get a middle size frame . Add photo to it. Now upside there is red color line to upload your photo. After uploading photo it will reach to the end of frame .

2] Now take the coursel down side from right way. There is rectangle put your posts url in that . And click on the share on face book button.

3] At last there is ”done” button in the red color .Click on it and share it on facebook. They are showing us your post has been viral on the pinterest successfully.

4] In this way you have to upload everyday 4 to 5 images or pins on your pinterest account. http://Blue host link / How to increase view on the pinterest/

5] Read this post carefully and let us know me if you have any doubts.

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