What ‘s The Role Of Honesty In Our Life – In Lock down

What is the role of honesty we must have to ask Dadi Janki

Is Honesty Best Policy?.

Honesty is the best policy    

”Honesty is the best policy’’ we have read, heard this proverb in the childhood. Those who worked on this are reached on the top of the world and those who not worked or implemented on this proverb, they have destroyed the world.

To work on honesty we require energy and we have lost real [soul] energy in this material world. But we know that there is a proverb in Hindi that’’Such Ki Nav Hilegi, Dulegi Lekin Dubegi Nahi’’

We know that everywhere so many people are trying to work on truth themselves, so many are working hard for it and  also we know that the people which are working on the truth they have to work hard.They have to face a lot of difficulties, troubles etc as the society couldn’t believe easily on them. Join here to increase leads, sales, affiliate marketing , to get free credits etc.

We think that just lower the other person by cheating or with dishonesty, we will become higher or we are cheating that person.But the person who is on truth track he never fears with these hurdles.He can overcome all the hurdles in his life and he will reach at his proper destination.

The person who is on a dishonest path he always irritates, jealous, creates anger, having fear inside, has lower confidence and creating negative energy.And he always indulges in that circle.

We will see one example of dishonesty

In the last month I with my neighbourhood lady Sadhana went to the market to bring vegetables. There was darkness in the market. Sadhana purchased some ladies finger and I also purchased so many vegetables from another lady who sat near to that lady from Sadhana purchased vegetables. When we reached home Sadhana saw rotten ed ladies finger she became disappointment and think that lady was cheated by her due to darkness.

Then next day we decided to go in the market at daytime. We reached near to that lady but we didn’t talk to her and only we saw she sat alone with full of vegetables but no one customer was there and there was huge rush near to the lady who has given fresh andnice vegetables.

Purpose of giving this example is that we always think that without dishonesty we can’t run our business.      

Generally, in daily routine, we are teaching to our son or students that How dishonesty works?

For ex. Two students of 9th class went to see cinema without telling to their parents or teachers. When they came back from cinema into the school Teacher started their inquiry. Students were very humble. They told truly we went to ‘’Natsmarat’’ cinema, still teacher started to angry with them and biting the stick in front of all class students. Then student becomes disappointed and thinking that when we talk truth we get punishment. they got a lesson that honesty doesn’t work in this world we have to work with dishonesty. 

By this example we can conclude that  ”To implement honesty  first we have to become honest and keep faith on honesty, If no one is honest in this world then how will run all societies?but now also world is working on only honest person and so still honesty is working there.

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Dadi Janki didn’t know the meaning of ” dishonesty in her life”

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