Craze Of Vegan Diet In Youth Generation – Veganism Changing The World

Understand here why today’s generation running with vegan diet

Today this word is becoming famous in youth generation. I think that today’s generation is running on self-realization. They believe in self-realization along with experience and real fact. Otherwise Whatever maybe anyone tells. It may be a big spiritual Guru, or maybe a great leader, maybe Mahatma Gandhi didn’t listen to anyone.

This craze is depending on not only trend, but the youth who carries some Sansakar from past generations, or from their parents, family atmosphere or environment. Etc.

To adopt it, they first work on self-realization and experience. If they have got anything from it then only they are adopting it. Otherwise maybe how much you put ads in front of them everything is useless.

Let us discuss here why did today Vegan diet? 

We know that at first in India there are only 2 types of diet 1 vegetarian, 2 Non vegetarians. But nowadays today we are getting International food that is Pizza, Burger, cakes, etc.

 Vegan is the perfect vegetarian diet. This means that there is no non-vegetarian food, but it can’t carry any type of animal food like milk, curd, butter, cheese, Channa, buttermilk, etc. Of them, we can’t include, silk cloths or any animal skin thing that is a leather purse or any showpiece from the animal’s body. BENEFITS

This system has been started from DONALD WATSON which is carried in the whole world now. It is also becoming famous.

Here one point to be noted that so many millennial youths carrying it as they are getting easily benefits of everything. Why eat this diet and what to eat for better health? In them, if you are doing something different from common people, then this generation is ready to share this knowledge along with adopting it. health

Every youth generation needs some new things. There are a lot of new methods for diet. Some are remaining as it is and some are changing instantly.

 First, we will see that why did we are adopting this lifestyle? 

 Today we have a lot of knowledge. Knowledge gives us everything if we know that this food is creating poison in the body we didn’t touch that food, if we have plenty of benefits from any food, then we easily carry to adopt this food. But we must have to take care that today this is the trend in this food? Then is being able to take that diet? Yes, it is good for me? Is it will affect positively my body? I have to check it first. Otherwise, definitely, it will create poison in my body.

Next, here I want to explain about trends, trends mean not my life. Before applying the trend in my life I must have learned, is this trend is in my region? where I am living? Can it be affected me positively or negatively? Is it will give me good benefits?

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Suppose we know that Indian people, whatever may be a trend that, they are eating everyday Roti and chapatti along with tasty Subji. This diet is fit for them it is giving them positive feedback along with good benefits. If they will start to eat only Pizza for the daily routine as a craze it will definitely affect their digestive system . Giving tremendous change in their body along so many mental disorders. Didn’t give total satisfaction and fulfill feelings also As he has the habit to eat everyday Roti and chapatti. It can’t leave easily and so, so many Indian youth generations are not living in the abroad continuously. As they didn’t get what they want.

 What Gives Us Change In Life Style?

Change in lifestyle is bringing a lot of creativity, but before using it, we must have to be compared to the real difference in food. Means instead of regular milk, almond milk is good. Paneer can be replaced with TOFU, Honey can be replaced with Maple syrup, etc. The person who has plenty of money can be used this lifestyle but what about the common man? BENEFITS

Today easily middle-class people are bringing coconut oil, sea same oil, and ghee as a change in lifestyle.

At last, I want to explain here that life becomes a business. Due to marketing, everything is reaching near to you. So be careful do you want to make your life [body] as like thing, or do you want to live as Like simple man/ As if you will adopt this lifestyle you are losing so many your original quantity of man. Because lifestyle never is permanent.   

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I am an author, writer, blogger, food blogger., I have 10000 recommendation in UCMEDIA.COM . I can write excellent blog posts on any subject . All contents are original 100% devoted for article .Research writing, blog post writing about spiritual healing, psychology, life skills  and on so many subjects .

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