Why Did Sushant Singh Lost His Willing Power _ Sushant Singh

Let’s know here how he had lost willing power/

Before 2 hours  I heard the news about Sushant Singh and feeling completely sad, worried and fear about next generation. Instantly I have tweeted about him

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#SushantSinghRajputNoMore What you have made? Don’t spread this news everywhere its very hard to secure new generation in the #COVID19 ,#Lockdown5 
Now we are going in very hard and horrible situation. Next generation’s ideal persons are their hero’s actor. So if anyone would started any type of action some youth generation definitely indulged in it.
We know that after publishing of 3 idiots a lot of teen ages have been done suicide.
  But , still I have made solution for it .Let’s read this post for it.


Are you feeling suicidal?

Oh! It’s a very fast generation today. Everyone is running fast in this jet period. Everyone wants to be in a good position. Sometimes by doing a lot of efforts, we didn’t get success, so how could I manage success? It is the first thought for my life and if I have done everything Okay  till I didn’t have got any success then I will go into depression.


Generally, teenage students want easy success, fast money, fast life, everything fast If I would not get anything in my given deadline, it’s very dangerous to me. Then I become aggressive, I carry anxiety, stress, anger etc and  in them I increase my worries , depression. So now how to deal with all these problems?

Here is the answers to all problems.

Self Realization: Observe your work, your thoughts, if you are coming across with negative thoughts then teach your mind.” Hey mind why did you are going downside? Why did you are bringing bad thoughts in front of me? ”I am a student, I want to be a focus on my study if I would not succeed in my life my parents, my teachers’ everyone would be disappointed with me. My friends will laugh at my defeat. So why did you are bringing negative thoughts in front of me? ‘’Hey mind, you want to be all material and physical success but don’t turn me on that road.If anyone understands I am on that road then I can’t show my mouth to anyone. Like this, you can talk to your mind and

remove your unnecessary thoughts.

It is easy to tell anyone to remove your bad thoughts or turn your mind to good thoughts but when trying to apply it in a practical life it is very hard. Today we have a lot of knowledge, doing meditation, yoga, everything then also we carry fear and a lot of negative things like making a plan to do suicide etc. But how to stop it?

Avoid to see bad films, bad shots, it’s imaging etc. Listen to old romantic songs, romantic songs, watch romantic films, soul music etc. Recite mantras, mantra makes man cool, mind become clean, clear and peaceful .We know that peaceful mind can concentrate everywhere. It reduces stress on mind, it increases love on God and  God protects us from all evils.

Meditation: Meditation gives the power to face all difficulties so keep it regularly.

Prayer: If we will make prayer regularly with clean heart God can really listen to it and make man positive. He teaches us how to deal with difficult situation and if you are doing your work with honesty then God can easily help you.

Positive Attitude: Your attitude is the mirror of your life. So decide how to keep a positive attitude with you?

Diet: Keep simple diet with you, control your diet which is more active than more fried, sour etc.

Regular exercise also makes man healthy means a sound mind in a sound body.

Willing power: To do any work it requires a lot of willing power. Follow all the above points and remove your fatigue or laziness to make your future bright.

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