Are You Worried For Cyber Crime – In Lock down – COVID -19

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We know that with COVID -19 /Krishana -20 . all  people are completely in the fear, worries, pressure , still there are some people who are taking benefits of it by creating cyber crime. Earning  crores of Rupees. They have lost their fear, emotions, humanity etc. They are searching a lot of new opportunities to make crime and earning a lot of money.


Due  to Corona people are searching medicines, masks, sanitize rs, hand wash ,protecting clothes, with these things some people are making fake websites and selling the products. Only making websites to sell these products , keeping products on these sites of high price and when customers are demanding any products they are getting stones , or not reaching any products on their sites. Already people are in troubles with COVID – 19 and they have to face this another trouble for their life.

Customers are thinking that , everywhere is shortage of these products, we are getting here very nice products , then why did we can’t demand it? So they are demanding it and getting them cheating with all these products.

These websites are developed with the support of famous medical companies. Who are preparing these things. Some officers have been told to the news agencies that we are searching like these sites . To caught them or to close them .So many sites have used COVID -19 word as a keyword to sell these products.

An international news inter poll have given strict notice . They have caught hundreds of crimes from so many countries.

Also started ‘’Operation Pangio’’ campaign with it.

This news is taken from our national news paper ‘’LOKMAT’’

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