Why Did We Didn’t Have To Bother Criticism- Self Improvement

Do you know our spiritual person have to face a lot of criticism still they didn’t have bothered in their life.

What Attitude have to keep for criticism – Criticism

Hi friends criticism is very tough situation in everyone’s life. No one want to hear criticism from another person. For that we are preparing our best life. But, still we have

to face it? Why? Let us check here?

It’s very good question. There are so many types of people who are criticizing us .

1] The person who want improvement in us .

2] The person who are jealous to us .

3] The person who can’t do anything if he want to do so they are criticizing.

4] The people who didn’t have interest in any thing and have getting some my posts as a system rule also criticizing .But, don’t want to lose me.

5] Some people have the habit to critise in any case means if you will do good karma or vise varsa.

Now You are asking me how you are not bothering it?

If our soul knows perfectly how I am ? Which situation I have faced in life? Can any person will do this type of work in place of me? I know that I am the queen of my life,because when I am putting one line here behind that line has the suffering of 25 years. So that these words makes transformation of mind easily. Then automatically my self esteem becomes high. This self esteem gives me power to heal me. /how-to-overcome-jealousy-mental-health/

Now another thing is when any person is on high level he must have to go from all these things. Of them if any person is doing good work he has lots of enemies so there is no need of bothering it. We know that so many politicians, actors, actress, saints, God’s have to go through it then who we are? And if anyone has to reach his destination or goal must have to face all these things. /how-to-become-satisfied-person-in-lock-down-exit-covid/

But, any way I like criticizing person near to me. So that I could make improvement in my work.


We know that our Saint Tukaram have told that ‘’Nindakache Ghar Asave Shejari’’ If no one is there to point us we will become ‘’HUKUMSHAHA’’ and we will think . I am the right person in the world. No one will challenge me. So always we must have to appreciate criticism , have to study well by which angle it is doing? We must have to say thanks to the person who is showing us our mistakes. Otherwise some people never shows it.

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