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How To Live Stress Free – Spiritual Thoughts

Let us learn here how to be stress free in any situation?

Bhagvan Shrikrishana has written in Geeta ”What you have brought when born? Do Karma and don’t keep wish to get success. It can be leave on him ”[GOD] if you want to be satisfied. Always keep in mind that if anything is not written in your destiny with God’s blessing which can’t be getting to you with any power of world, .
The thing which is in your destiny with God’s blessing which can not be taken out from your mind power with God’s blessing . God power can make impossible into possible.
So at last Karmaa is the ”Kamdhenu” and prayer is the ”Parasmani” of life.
In the physical life if you want to be happy ”Always make your comparison with the person who is less from you. ” Means he has everything less. So that you could be happy any time. spiritual-journey/
You know there is a small story . Once upon a time there was a man who was always unhappy by arguing with God . As he didn’t have shoes in his feet. But when he saw the person who didn’t have feet then he become happy and thanked to the God. Praying to the God that ” Hey God, you have given me strong and complete healthy body so your are the kindest God In the world. /why-people-are-turning-to-meaningful-life-self-improvement/
With the spiritual level you have to compare yourself to the person who is ahead of you in spiritually. So that you could became strongest spiritual person in the world.
Never keep hatreds for anyone who maybe have made big mistakes. If you want to be peaceful then keep your attention with your work . For your peace of mind you must have to be work for your mind, not for other persons mind. What is happening in the world is going on with God’s will not your wish or your willing power.
God always keeping all types of events in the balance of 3 periods. Means present,past, future.
Criticism of any person means criticizing to the God. As doing this karma means we are living in the opposition of God. Without any criticism you can become more peaceful.
So many times we didn’t have any problem but what carries my neighbors or my guest have the things is not with me this thinking bringing unhappiness in our life. If our neighbor has a big TV of 1 Lakh and I didn’t have it is giving me more unhappiness.
If we will keep attention to the another person that is ”What is in his control?” With this thinking what you will have also getting to finish. And our past birth sansakar also getting to finish . This karma means our previous birth karma. So that you will have to leave peaceful in any situation./what-is-spiritual-love-spiritual-growth/Please don’t look to your bare foot see the person who didn’t have the feet. When you will do the karma any karma thinking that this is the karma of God then you will never become unhappy in your life.

Every religion has decided to sin is the bad karma . All religions of the world are attached to the doing karma for humanity. All religions as like Islam, Hindu, Sheekh, Isai, all are created with the wishes of God .When any person is doing any good karma he is getting happiness with full of joy. To reduce the stress of our life we must have to donate to the charity.

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