Do You Have Purpose In Your Life- Spiritual Growth

This is the way of spirituality. If you have adopted spirituality , are you going on this way?

Purpose towards life

Latest education depends on goals of life.  Nowadays everyone is alert to their goals.

There are many types of goals. The family goal,  social goal, personal goal, political goal, economical goal etc. There  is the huge  difference between the purpose of life and  goal setting


let us we will see what is the difference.?

So many people think that purpose of life is the goal. Therefore someone wants to become a professor, someone wants to become an engineer, architecture,  pilot, minister, minister etc.

 they make a plan for it keeps deadline for it. Everyone wants to earn a lot of money in their life. Someone wants to wonder all universe. Someone wants to become a leader of the universe.  So he is trying his best.


Nowadays everyone wants a good career, as carrier gives ambition, status, position etc.

These power demands outside respect. So many people think that carrier is the main identity of a person. So that everyone is doing a lot of effort to get the job & good position in the carrier. Every person thinks that if I will get the good position in my life then I will be happy. So many people think that if I will build a big building, or I will buy a new car, or I will buy a new laptop etc then I will be happy. These achievements give me comfortableness, not happiness. Sometimes if I will buy a new car then my neighborhood will buy another costly nice car then I will become unhappy.

But now I think that I achieved a lot of in my life but I feel vacuum? Why did I feel vacuum? I think that whatever I want I have achieved everything. Then why should I feel vacuum? Why could I not be satisfied? Why I always irritate everyone? Why I create anger, jealousy, hatreds?  etc then I get tired , bored and   then I think that there is not getting me the purpose of my life? What should I have to do to get me my purpose in life?.

When I think inertly and I become calm then I realize who am I? The name, the profession these are mine,

my child, my property generally move

from all the labels but I am a pure soul energy.  I the soul playing so many roles in the relationship, my happiness is not depending on anything or any achievement no attachment, no dependency, no fear just unconditional love, no single thought of worry. Every thoughts and words are in harmony. I am already stable.I am always happy. But when I am in body-conscious I have not attended to my original qualities.

   I the soul means I have some original qualities these are truth, happiness, love, purity, peace, compassion etc I have to focus on it. If I  will work on it more then I will get back more in quantities.


Everyone has these qualities so many people have used these good qualities for good work means for humanity or for using values in their life and became an international leader, for example, Martin Luther King, Mahatma  Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, etc Someone has used all these quantities to destroy human life. Or humanity.etc.

So the purpose of my life is keeping attention on my soul to

doing. Purpose of doing is loving, compassionate, giving peace, stability etc.

 My purpose in life creates an inner power that is an authentic power which cannot lose and no one can take it away. That power is eternal no one can change it no one can take it. This power comes in my life when I become spiritual means when I connect to God. You have purpose of life -Spiritual growth

This purpose gives meaning to our life. Making man strong in any situation. Creates strong bonding in relationships may be lots of accidents happened. Removes our ego, anger, jealousy, stress , making  a man healthy in any situation.

Let me know here ,

1] I think today 90% people are turned to spiritual life. This is the way of spiritual life?           How many are running with this way? Write your answer in comment section.

2] Do you have faith on purpose of life? Have you observed any moments of life with spiritual purpose of life ? Share your moments with me in comment ?

3] Let me know is it the perfect way of spiritual people?

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